Man is not what it looks, whereas animals remain animal,

Teeth not symbol of natural polish, it is true shine of enamel;

Maxim, “Elephant has two sets of teeth,” doomed for a man,  

Who is out of itinerary of discipline, ego and self-respect clan;

An amalgam of lust, greed, cruelty and a barbarism his plan;

Zaffar perchance not gone, where intended to since no goal,

Presently ended up in foreseeable quagmire into soiled gaol;

Intended not to get infuriate to be safe, this facet in purview,

It can occur in all the areas,”Oh! I am afraid?” not a review;

Never, ever, concept of being rapt in such debased situation,

Unreliable as well infuriated was never taught in institution;

There is divergence between submissive to lower customary,

Compromise is sheer show of reciprocacity not a derogatory;

Yielding to “Lowering-of-Standard” is not more than adjust,

If selfless love is not reciprocated for predictable time, digest;

Why! To worship unilaterally for one not recognize of worth,

Zoom and assignments shall lighten away into yawning girth;

Selfless adore when not cherished, make thy realise worship,

Everybody is building fairy’s befool with a covert disrespect,

Only true lovers show signs of revere with umpteen respect;     

Being true to oneself ought to be reverence humbly goddess,

Care for happens like flash of lightening not made as modus;

Love me or hate me as both akin to favour, allow me in heart,

Being cherished can’t be starved of, how rigid fairy be smart;

Ought not be aghast when not being reciprocated by beloved,

Stand grateful to God for make me positive of love in gloved;

Passion is instigator of falling in love could be overt or covert,

I’m not ideal person, but full of sins beyblading me abysmal,

Still I love Batool to have applause in my virtues lest a dismal;

Own Blood! Become cancer, also, source of spread secondary,

Tripod of life yield flat line also body becomes an elementary;

Deer’s blood give way in tracing when maim escape silhouette,

Hunter tracing blood spots finding deer helpless thereto shoot;

Forget Batool and Sidra, God could at eleventh hour pardon,

Zoom world submit to trickster not pious love: life is random.  





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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