Nursery rhymes are descriptive for adults in modern era today,

Nascent, innocent, revered and lessons for humanity yesterday;

Batool (Arabic word) qua virtuous stood evaporate into  the sky,

Theme of Baba Black Sheep was meant for human sell and buy;

God made human a free soul to honour the creation by divinity,

To serve human being selfless not blood, friend nexus sting bee,

A peasant like Zaffar invested sapling of livelihood to be perfect,

Sheep named,”Baba Black Sheep “to fetch in income not defect;

In life and assets,  but to attain substantive holding be minimal;

Vagaries of existence entice, symbol transform human abysmal;

Income-tax agencies said,”Baba Black Sheep! Have you wool?”

“Yes sir! Yes sir! Three bags full; one for my master- naïve cool,

One for my dame and one for the tiny boy, living in our street,”

The Sheep starts grazing tiny sprouts of cotton seeds by upbeat;

Black Sheep’s role fated for human being in the garb of friends,

Not leaving last near and dear blood relations by change trends;

Fell in flux of Sidra, goddess of my death and life by drop leave,

Life at edge of extinct as caution by Sidra-tul-Muntaha in brief;

Aah! Couldn’t conquer Batool but am full of sins, Hell my goal,

Divine and pragmatic paternity made me criminal and in gaol;

Workplace entangle me do more reciprocated with backbite act,

Inheritance punish me by usurp property for not being perfect;

One who has no son is taken defective, in life assets be deprived,

Daughters are not worth inherited property till sons get arrived;

When God destined sketch for our lives, located Eve as superior,

Created Eve from rib of Adam, blend of mud  be live as inferior;

Was never meant for soul to be perfect and never make mistake,

Never take a wrong turn being humanbeing vulnerable to retake;

Adam did make a mistake, so we shall make mistake not perfect,

God can retract us, except lap of mother get in our lives a reflect;

At some junctures of our lives we realise preset screwed timeless,

We have no option, but to repair by a just courage lest worthless.

Dr Zaffar Bukhari.                Email:

Prof. & Head, Forensic

Medicine & Toxicology.





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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