What life has given? Thanks God, made me superhuman being,

Neither animal nor bird nor unicellular Amoeba as living thing;

Amoebic movements with tentacles seen through a microscope,

Man reached Moon and Mars yet search horizon with telescope;

In term of Forensic Medicine, “What life is!” needs surveillance,

Thorough checkup by Psychiatric by care of guardian vigilance;

When the doctor is at hazard because of dismissal and dejection,

God knows the outcome, treatment hardly work yield rejection;

As kid was lover darkness, a speck drawn to obsession unusual,

Life enshrouded in uneasiness of “Life leaf” drop by Sidra real;

Couldn’t increment Batool into my good deed! Stay  full sinner,

Fairly mom groomed with lullaby, berceuse projecting winner;

Mom always put query of kid’s personal moral fiber to perfect,

Father remained acquainted with offshoots ensuing any defect;

With ibid queries, often would joggle covert through inner core,

Sanctity once shatter at groom theater, wander without restore;

Ordained per nature to fall in love initially among near a blood,

Thereto amid Batool to attain plenty of virtuous utilize as flood;

During adolescent merely by scare fell victim to Sidra’s worship,

Still meet fairy when she drops my life contain leaf by tear ship;

By dint of learn part art of fall in a love tough among limitation,

Life fated for mutual reciprocal share interaction resuscitation;

No spirit one is receiving censure for one-sided love by no yield,

There is no impairment in bold expression of love on face wield;

I quit doesn’t mean I don’t love Batool, but apprehend defame,

Without of Virtue hell is decided for sinner having sins as fame;

Nothing worse than beloved hypocrite reply in the garb of zoom,

Expecting adorer to unto their habitual value lest no way gloom;

Forfeit one who tainted the full life to square one is crystal clear,

Better to self evaluate the felony placing oneself before a mirror;

When gone crazy in love with Sidra, find lame excuse of a death,

She is to carry Ordain of God! Drop of luck-leaf with no breath;

My three hundredth poem could not get me compose by satiety,

Who memorize! Near and dear, even kids behind death reality.        




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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