Fog mystify human being’s body, brain, soul and conscience,

Is part of innate water, volcanic activity not human conscious;

Density discern fog and mist and nothing to do with humanity,

Humankind degraded its value, quality and worth by certainty,

Fog forms when variation between temperature and dew exist,

Human brain gets fogged parity amongst them undergo resist;

Fog forms at lowest mugginess, usually clouds touching clouds,

Disparity amid human-being’s resources, health and shrouds;

Mist clear tiny droplets hanging in air leads to invisible water,

No one realize, tarnish Ordain of God through manslaughter;

First prey accrued by murder of Abel at hands of Cain brother,

Both sons of Adam (PBUH), sarcasting daughter of Eve, sister;

Captor of territory, Julius Caesar marrying  queen Cleopatra,

Age difference of thirty four years never formed barrier aura;

Coerced love originated from Zulikha the beautiful queen, time,

Wife fell in love with prophet Yousef(PBUH)  reckon in rhyme;

Hugging try tore his shirt thereto charged prophet of seduction,

First medico-legal case accrued, shirt torn from back reduction;

Terrorist bind time bomb on business tycoon became president,

Horse-shoe-maker clan, no scruples becomes world’s resident;

Masses rundown of basic necessities of life and shelter canopy,

Batool got vanished from world, exit no visible virtuous recipe;

A poor gardener accompanied by bare feet son scarcely in ten,

Why not in the school? Instead helping father and uphold earn;

Sectarianism never subsist in any religion particularly in Islam,

Which teaches equality of human irrespective of a status slam;

Everyone is born as free soul vested in own ideology monotheist,

Wealth, lust, greed, seduction, allure idol do presage polytheist;

Delivery of justice nexus frequent rape of maid under strength,

Invariably, adjudicators of every category on payroll at length;

Provide bread, clothe and shelter under roof yearn mere slogan,

A country created in the name of Islam struggled to get broken;

Zaffar fall in love by Sidra, cognisence  “Life Leaf” catch drop,

Can’t onlooker sectarian terrorism and humanity casualty flop.

Dr Syed Muhammad Zaffar Bukhari 

Prof. & Head, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.

Email: syedzafar60@gmail.com



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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