Mother’s lap taught fairytales of Sidra the eternal deity,

Custodian of deliverance life and death Ordain divinity;

Berceuse! Alive by divinity sung by grand mom in rhyme,

How did that pass? Reckoned nicest at that stage of time;

Coming out of mother lap made acquainted to follow Sidra,

Ruled my nascent soul and playing heart like an orchestra;

Messiah vested in Sidra an idol of allure, beauty and grace,

Only “Divine-Berry-Tree” settle on human being appraise;

Nursery rhymes made a toddler fell in love by her, not seen,

Love impacted in a recall center take root eternal umpteen;

Beyond seven skies exist cleavage in world of holiness reign,

Nearest end of World anchor Sidra, farthest affix life drain;

Called gateway to Doomsday, final platform of bad or good,

Deeds effect in prior world through transient journey stood;

Prophet Mohd (PBUH) saw split of light into seven bloom,

Violet, Indigo, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange and red boom;

Mixing all colours as Chandler emit various coloured stars,

The reason not known in divine and scientific explain chars;

Divine phenomenon exhibited with a Sidra/divine berry tree,

When days in this world are ended, life hold leave drop free;

Zaffar prayed often to have a glimpse of fairytale love dwell,

Not possible was confront all along till ringing of death bell;

Life consumed in struggle without acts of Batool preordain,

Once eyes aware, already entered elderly residual restrain;

Pray got fructified as at wee hours went in deep sleep valley,

In twilight saw an angel, inform me Sidra modify in human,

Have to converge my vision for fraction of second in a lumen;

Tall fairy seem Bath Sheba come joyful nexus bustards neck,

Womb of hair covering from cleavage with divine shine fleck;

Jovial by bilateral dimples on checks, graceful and beautiful,

Eyes alluring with divine love as if meant for adorer, but lull;

Lovely, hazelnut, gazelle, “Mango-sliced-shape” and oceanic,

Eyes getting me drowned in them with flutter of heart prick;

Found getting drowned in deep visual marine hose by a flick;

Remember, calling God for help with repentance of an urge,    

Eyes open, heard morning Adaan, and said prayer by surge.    



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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