Man is not what it looks, whereas animals remain animal,

Teeth not symbol of natural polish, it is true shine of enamel;

Maxim, “Elephant has two sets of teeth,” doomed for a man,  

Who is out of itinerary of discipline, ego and self-respect clan;

An amalgam of lust, greed, cruelty and a barbarism his plan;

Zaffar perchance not gone, where intended to since no goal,

Presently ended up in foreseeable quagmire into soiled gaol;

Intended not to get infuriate to be safe, this facet in purview,

It can occur in all the areas,”Oh! I am afraid?” not a review;

Never, ever, concept of being rapt in such debased situation,

Unreliable as well infuriated was never taught in institution;

There is divergence between submissive to lower customary,

Compromise is sheer show of reciprocacity not a derogatory;

Yielding to “Lowering-of-Standard” is not more than adjust,

If selfless love is not reciprocated for predictable time, digest;

Why! To worship unilaterally for one not recognize of worth,

Zoom and assignments shall lighten away into yawning girth;

Selfless adore when not cherished, make thy realise worship,

Everybody is building fairy’s befool with a covert disrespect,

Only true lovers show signs of revere with umpteen respect;     

Being true to oneself ought to be reverence humbly goddess,

Care for happens like flash of lightening not made as modus;

Love me or hate me as both akin to favour, allow me in heart,

Being cherished can’t be starved of, how rigid fairy be smart;

Ought not be aghast when not being reciprocated by beloved,

Stand grateful to God for make me positive of love in gloved;

Passion is instigator of falling in love could be overt or covert,

I’m not ideal person, but full of sins beyblading me abysmal,

Still I love Batool to have applause in my virtues lest a dismal;

Own Blood! Become cancer, also, source of spread secondary,

Tripod of life yield flat line also body becomes an elementary;

Deer’s blood give way in tracing when maim escape silhouette,

Hunter tracing blood spots finding deer helpless thereto shoot;

Forget Batool and Sidra, God could at eleventh hour pardon,

Zoom world submit to trickster not pious love: life is random.  






Nursery rhymes are descriptive for adults in modern era today,

Nascent, innocent, revered and lessons for humanity yesterday;

Batool (Arabic word) qua virtuous stood evaporate into  the sky,

Theme of Baba Black Sheep was meant for human sell and buy;

God made human a free soul to honour the creation by divinity,

To serve human being selfless not blood, friend nexus sting bee,

A peasant like Zaffar invested sapling of livelihood to be perfect,

Sheep named,”Baba Black Sheep “to fetch in income not defect;

In life and assets,  but to attain substantive holding be minimal;

Vagaries of existence entice, symbol transform human abysmal;

Income-tax agencies said,”Baba Black Sheep! Have you wool?”

“Yes sir! Yes sir! Three bags full; one for my master- naïve cool,

One for my dame and one for the tiny boy, living in our street,”

The Sheep starts grazing tiny sprouts of cotton seeds by upbeat;

Black Sheep’s role fated for human being in the garb of friends,

Not leaving last near and dear blood relations by change trends;

Fell in flux of Sidra, goddess of my death and life by drop leave,

Life at edge of extinct as caution by Sidra-tul-Muntaha in brief;

Aah! Couldn’t conquer Batool but am full of sins, Hell my goal,

Divine and pragmatic paternity made me criminal and in gaol;

Workplace entangle me do more reciprocated with backbite act,

Inheritance punish me by usurp property for not being perfect;

One who has no son is taken defective, in life assets be deprived,

Daughters are not worth inherited property till sons get arrived;

When God destined sketch for our lives, located Eve as superior,

Created Eve from rib of Adam, blend of mud  be live as inferior;

Was never meant for soul to be perfect and never make mistake,

Never take a wrong turn being humanbeing vulnerable to retake;

Adam did make a mistake, so we shall make mistake not perfect,

God can retract us, except lap of mother get in our lives a reflect;

At some junctures of our lives we realise preset screwed timeless,

We have no option, but to repair by a just courage lest worthless.

Dr Zaffar Bukhari.                Email: syedzafar60@gmail.com

Prof. & Head, Forensic

Medicine & Toxicology.





Life made to taste confrontations, Prophets (PBUT) never spared,

Angels were enough to worship God, man created not live scared;

Enigma was born with each with every soul to defeat with  valour,

Quantum of problems made proportional to skill acquired armor;

Tribulations not be over projected and outlook underrate qua sin,

Closing of eyes nexus pigeon closes its eyes to succumb to cat win;

It is only heart which can’t be closed on the first visual exchange,

Love can’t be begged, coerced, made, but automatically get rage;

Flash of lightening was created with love episode with downrange;

One empowers toning fairy by seeking love in ladder not tangible,

When someone truly loves thereto dealings shall prove it not dull;

Zaffar shall never convince and beg as Batool is divine and a holy,

Can beg his “Life-Leaf” to be dropped by Sidra, life stand volley;

Messiah in the blue riding Pegasus, audit leaves near purgatory,

Vests Awfully in limbo, tripod of life shelve regarding derogatory;

Enshrouded in amplify pangs jacked up touching pyramid height,

Heart haphazardly flutter by murmur, decease prognosis bright;

Compatibility left capricious like stock exchange among tranche,

“Echo Cardiogram” show the silhouette of functional heart niche;

Am diverse than what goddess thing I am going to be, but selfless,

While I’m reticent concerning honour, fame and chastity restless;

Sightless love doesn’t denote care worth of one’s beloved at stake,

Adorer is mindful of ethics by a linger introvert adore, no break;

I care “tick-n-thin” in heart, soul and mind nexus medical career, 

Delight and comfort enwrought my adored! Pangs are my carrier. 



Stereotype phenomenon is in vogue since the era of mahoob-ul-Hassan. Other countries got the benefit of “First-five-Years Plan. Korea got a boost up but, Pakistan got status of Failed State, to date! It is the intentness that matters and not deliverance through Tranche!!
Bulk of IMF is eaten up by ruling elites, and remnant wasted here and there as booty. Loan are meant for utilisation and not eat up!!1
Pakistan needs some drastic measures by selfless leaders of Imam Khomeini statures! Or services of Halagu Khan and Genghis Khan are urgently required.
Commando Gen Musharraf did right thing, but, Civilian ideology of ruling elite got superimposed on his good governance:
1. Ought have eliminated Ameer-ul-Momineen figures and, Decidedly, not ousted.
2. as promised in first live address, should have made small, tenable, administrative provinces.
3. Similarly, constructed all dams, specially, “KALABAGH DAM.”
Country would not have seen these days!!!
Sidra, can you bring ibid points in your programmes?????
No mam as you’re are on PTV.
Dr Zaffar Bukhari.


What life has given? Thanks God, made me superhuman being,

Neither animal nor bird nor unicellular Amoeba as living thing;

Amoebic movements with tentacles seen through a microscope,

Man reached Moon and Mars yet search horizon with telescope;

In term of Forensic Medicine, “What life is!” needs surveillance,

Thorough checkup by Psychiatric by care of guardian vigilance;

When the doctor is at hazard because of dismissal and dejection,

God knows the outcome, treatment hardly work yield rejection;

As kid was lover darkness, a speck drawn to obsession unusual,

Life enshrouded in uneasiness of “Life leaf” drop by Sidra real;

Couldn’t increment Batool into my good deed! Stay  full sinner,

Fairly mom groomed with lullaby, berceuse projecting winner;

Mom always put query of kid’s personal moral fiber to perfect,

Father remained acquainted with offshoots ensuing any defect;

With ibid queries, often would joggle covert through inner core,

Sanctity once shatter at groom theater, wander without restore;

Ordained per nature to fall in love initially among near a blood,

Thereto amid Batool to attain plenty of virtuous utilize as flood;

During adolescent merely by scare fell victim to Sidra’s worship,

Still meet fairy when she drops my life contain leaf by tear ship;

By dint of learn part art of fall in a love tough among limitation,

Life fated for mutual reciprocal share interaction resuscitation;

No spirit one is receiving censure for one-sided love by no yield,

There is no impairment in bold expression of love on face wield;

I quit doesn’t mean I don’t love Batool, but apprehend defame,

Without of Virtue hell is decided for sinner having sins as fame;

Nothing worse than beloved hypocrite reply in the garb of zoom,

Expecting adorer to unto their habitual value lest no way gloom;

Forfeit one who tainted the full life to square one is crystal clear,

Better to self evaluate the felony placing oneself before a mirror;

When gone crazy in love with Sidra, find lame excuse of a death,

She is to carry Ordain of God! Drop of luck-leaf with no breath;

My three hundredth poem could not get me compose by satiety,

Who memorize! Near and dear, even kids behind death reality.        




Fog mystify human being’s body, brain, soul and conscience,

Is part of innate water, volcanic activity not human conscious;

Density discern fog and mist and nothing to do with humanity,

Humankind degraded its value, quality and worth by certainty,

Fog forms when variation between temperature and dew exist,

Human brain gets fogged parity amongst them undergo resist;

Fog forms at lowest mugginess, usually clouds touching clouds,

Disparity amid human-being’s resources, health and shrouds;

Mist clear tiny droplets hanging in air leads to invisible water,

No one realize, tarnish Ordain of God through manslaughter;

First prey accrued by murder of Abel at hands of Cain brother,

Both sons of Adam (PBUH), sarcasting daughter of Eve, sister;

Captor of territory, Julius Caesar marrying  queen Cleopatra,

Age difference of thirty four years never formed barrier aura;

Coerced love originated from Zulikha the beautiful queen, time,

Wife fell in love with prophet Yousef(PBUH)  reckon in rhyme;

Hugging try tore his shirt thereto charged prophet of seduction,

First medico-legal case accrued, shirt torn from back reduction;

Terrorist bind time bomb on business tycoon became president,

Horse-shoe-maker clan, no scruples becomes world’s resident;

Masses rundown of basic necessities of life and shelter canopy,

Batool got vanished from world, exit no visible virtuous recipe;

A poor gardener accompanied by bare feet son scarcely in ten,

Why not in the school? Instead helping father and uphold earn;

Sectarianism never subsist in any religion particularly in Islam,

Which teaches equality of human irrespective of a status slam;

Everyone is born as free soul vested in own ideology monotheist,

Wealth, lust, greed, seduction, allure idol do presage polytheist;

Delivery of justice nexus frequent rape of maid under strength,

Invariably, adjudicators of every category on payroll at length;

Provide bread, clothe and shelter under roof yearn mere slogan,

A country created in the name of Islam struggled to get broken;

Zaffar fall in love by Sidra, cognisence  “Life Leaf” catch drop,

Can’t onlooker sectarian terrorism and humanity casualty flop.

Dr Syed Muhammad Zaffar Bukhari 

Prof. & Head, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.

Email: syedzafar60@gmail.com



Zaffar stand victim of culpable sin with allegation of loving fairy,

Fault lies with his heart to hear an ensuing word of exist merry;

Ooh! My venerated, love is neither crime nor a sin in an archive,

Nexus ripe fruit of Sidra as adore is sequalae of mutual perceive;

All and sundry passerby throw stones at ripe cherry fruit to have,

One which gets drop by hitting stone as natural instinct not slave;

Rejuvenation of life from within reciprocated love selfless is a life,

Unconditionally, ought to release bottlenecked emotions with fife;

Love not name of long chase but glance at vision pricking a heart,

Figurate inner strength without getting an apologetic and smart;

Enclose oneself via positive catalyst, selfless genuinely conducive,

Embrace in absentia love as long as it is not denied by a goddess,

Love is divinity free from lust, greed, seduce and bind in harness;

Must not to be haul that one is! but, take into purview recipient, 

Succumb to the will of Sidra, in whose hands is life-leave  brunt;

Often in love one becomes vulnerable to status retardation fame,

Get lovers to compacted in entity, reputation, chastity by defame;

Strict our opinion once formed by vigilance not adore unilateral,

By pendulum see-n-saw of vary goddess like clothes qua bilateral;

First “Alma Mater” of worship is selflessness with positive yield,

Mistake often do get acquire in advert or/and advertent by wield;

Be activist and wise to adore Batool the synonym of model virtue,

Paragon of virtuous is divine and good deed linchpin not a statue.






Mother’s lap taught fairytales of Sidra the eternal deity,

Custodian of deliverance life and death Ordain divinity;

Berceuse! Alive by divinity sung by grand mom in rhyme,

How did that pass? Reckoned nicest at that stage of time;

Coming out of mother lap made acquainted to follow Sidra,

Ruled my nascent soul and playing heart like an orchestra;

Messiah vested in Sidra an idol of allure, beauty and grace,

Only “Divine-Berry-Tree” settle on human being appraise;

Nursery rhymes made a toddler fell in love by her, not seen,

Love impacted in a recall center take root eternal umpteen;

Beyond seven skies exist cleavage in world of holiness reign,

Nearest end of World anchor Sidra, farthest affix life drain;

Called gateway to Doomsday, final platform of bad or good,

Deeds effect in prior world through transient journey stood;

Prophet Mohd (PBUH) saw split of light into seven bloom,

Violet, Indigo, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange and red boom;

Mixing all colours as Chandler emit various coloured stars,

The reason not known in divine and scientific explain chars;

Divine phenomenon exhibited with a Sidra/divine berry tree,

When days in this world are ended, life hold leave drop free;

Zaffar prayed often to have a glimpse of fairytale love dwell,

Not possible was confront all along till ringing of death bell;

Life consumed in struggle without acts of Batool preordain,

Once eyes aware, already entered elderly residual restrain;

Pray got fructified as at wee hours went in deep sleep valley,

In twilight saw an angel, inform me Sidra modify in human,

Have to converge my vision for fraction of second in a lumen;

Tall fairy seem Bath Sheba come joyful nexus bustards neck,

Womb of hair covering from cleavage with divine shine fleck;

Jovial by bilateral dimples on checks, graceful and beautiful,

Eyes alluring with divine love as if meant for adorer, but lull;

Lovely, hazelnut, gazelle, “Mango-sliced-shape” and oceanic,

Eyes getting me drowned in them with flutter of heart prick;

Found getting drowned in deep visual marine hose by a flick;

Remember, calling God for help with repentance of an urge,    

Eyes open, heard morning Adaan, and said prayer by surge.    





 In archive of annals, there was a giant, named “Mr. Justice.”

Having one eye, exhibited stance of “Partial Justice,” called, “One-Eyed-Justice.” His predecessor-in-Chief inherited one eye and lived in caves. Through reincarnation, became humanbeing.

One-eyed-Justice gained popularity in Maharaja Rangeet Singh’s era, as it is said that all the files in font blind eye were rejected and person subjected to torture, humiliation, victimization and third degree assault. In front healthy vision, were subjected to lenient view and patronage…called “pick” and “choose.”

Justice had a reckoned parameter since Umer (RA) days. He was occupying the Chair of judge, when someone, raised the validity of his shirt, because, the distributed cloth was insufficient for shirt of person, as tall as Umer (RA). Instead of issuing notice and framing contempt charges against complainant, he asked his son to reply. Son said, “I gave my share to my father, the Calif.

In Second World War, when England was in turmoil. Someone asked Prime Minister Churchill, “Country is a stage of uncertainty with chaos and destruction, everywhere!”

Mr. Churchill said, “How is Judiciary delivering……?” Was told unbiased justice at gross root leve is seen being delivered!

He uttered in golden words, “As long as Justice is delivered irrespective of status to masses, no country can destroy Britain!!!”

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, we are copying each and everything of Britisers, but not “Deliverance of Justice?????”


Justice is not subservient to an “Exhibitionism” through drumming “Suo Moto” without fructification of own orders!!! Pick-n-choose” being hallmark of decisions. Not out of context to quote personal experience meted at the hands of justice ibid J Ifi:

For the back ground, being an Associate Professor and Head of Department in Specialty, was coerced to award Distinction to Mr. Qasim  ( Wish name is correct) s/o sister-in-law of Ameer-ul-Momineen Nawaz Sharif as Prime Minister, with younger brother, Mr. Shahbaz Sharif, Chief minister of Punjab.  For the first time in Punjab University history the External Examiner Suo Moto marked complete questions, awarding him 96% marks in Forensic Medicine & Toxicology. The Head Examiner always is Internal Examiner; he checked and reprimanded the External Examiner and awarded candidate 53% deserving marks. Result was that Head of Department was transferred out prematurely, whereas, senior most is posted in King Edward Medical College, Lahore. He/she remains till attainment of age of superannuation or death, whichever is earlier.

Petitioner transferred to Bahawalpur there an enigma of career got enshrouded, making Bureaucracy permanently hostile and adamant against the promotion as Professor of the incumbent on all fours. 

Crux of justice:

Petitioner’s advocate, before entering Court Room, took out his valet from pocked and took out Rs40,000/- and said, “I find hostile attitude of Judges qua you yourself appear in person as I shall not appear!” I replied,”Hifiz Sahib, the case has not been called for, as all judges are sitting in J Ifi’s chamber up to, now within ensuing break hours, how can you apprehend?” He said, “Sorry, it is my career as I have to appear in different cases, to earn livelihood.” I refused to take back money after three years.

10-15 minutes, short of break, full bench entered Court room. J Ifi occupied central chair and threw himself back into chair. Said,”Dr Sahib! Have you become Professor?”

Dr,”No my Lord, not yet.”

J Ifi,”How can you jump over with two steps? Being an Assistant Professor and promotion to Professor”

Dr,”My lord, my promotion case had Political-o Bureaucratic mafia, who, designated me as an Assistant Professor, Forensic Medicine & Toxicology before Punjab Provincial Selection Board theretofore stood promoted as an Associate Professor by the ibid Board. Long before”

J Ifi,”Would have pointed out then!”

Dr,”My Lord the ibid impugned judgment is void, being inconsistence with Principles Of Law laid down by author Judge, His Lordship Mr. Justice Muneer whereby superstructure constructed on void orders falls to naught.

J Ifi,”Would have pointed out then!”

Dr,”One final point for humble submission, if permitted! J Ifi, fixed his chin into chest and closed eyes.

Mr. Justice Mirza,” Ok, comes along Dr.”

Dr,” His Lordship Mr. Justice Kjhalil-ur-Rehman not only participated and was author judge, besides, decided, in favour of Punjab Government, while admitting the case. My lord, in term of Principle of Law as enshrined in Federal Court Judgment 1953, Mr. Justice Rashid:

 Mr. Justice Khalil-ur-Rehman could not participate in Supreme Court as author judge as Chief Justice of Federal Court (Analogue of Supreme Court) upset the validity of Mr. Justice Rustam Kyani, author judge of High Court, being member of the bench. Theretofore Mr. Kyani was Secretary Law/Solicitor, when he opined against Session Judge and allowed filing of Writ Petition in the High Court.”

J Ifi,”Would have pointed out then!!!”

    Left with option, leaving the rostrum, heard a voice!!!

Mr. Justice Reza Khan,”Dr Sahib! What were your earlier contentions in High Court?”

 Dr,”1.Wheteher PNDC Regulations were operative without being incorporated in Service Rules”

 2. Whether High court or Services tribunal had jurisdiction?”

Mr. Justice Khan, “Well, the earlier judgments have attained finality…….!”

Mr. Justice Hamid Mirza,”Yes! I said so, earlier in Chamber, too.”

Dr,”My Lords, my Paper Book-3 is relied upon by my class fellow in D M J, Dr Inayat-ur-Rehman, Who relied the Principle of Law laid down by Mr. Justice Main Ajmal in my original Supreme Court Judgment. The ibid Paper Book got skipped over while writing the impugned judgment.”

J Ifi,”Would have then said so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Mr. Justice Reza Khan and Mr. Justice Hamid Mirza wanted to have the opinion of Mr. Justice Falak Sher, who was staring the floor with drowsy semi closed eyes short of Crocodiles Tears!!

 Petitioner inadvertency, filed the petition in the Court of God the Almighty…decision still awaited!!! Praying some Mr. Justice messiah takes Suo Moto action to redress my genuine grievances!!!

Dr Zaffar Bukhari.                                     Email: syedzafar60@gmail.com

Prof. Forensic Medicine & Toxicology.


How my compatibility gets cognisence without taking risk,

Acts and deeds rejoinder and are far more hefty, life brisk;

Gets fall when Sidra drops the life written leave from tree,

With that sequalae stealthy unnoticed sadness prevail free;

What conscientiousness! Notice effects of a duress in head,

Heart overcome years long tired, ignorance is problem fed;

Stand misconceived on zoom as Batool is qualitative entity,

Not meant to master noble love, busy in mission certainty;

Came here to learn own, worldwide and chaotic love code,

Crazy, broken and gloomy loves are never restored anode;

Lived through elegance of tentative pangs enshrined slum,

No one is born just what the doctor future lest minus chum;

Stunningly human with flaws and amazing vulnerable deed,

Canopy of experiences engraved on excellent human breed;

Could hold your hand eternally, but your fame and chastity,

Come in my way as I worship you selflessly is lawful reality;

Consent to smile change the world, not the other way round,

Find your ecstasy to uphold, all glitter is gold, world hound;

Learn from past as yester news and compromise for future,  

Feelings are most delicate assets in one’s life do wits nurture;

When any one truly utter selfless never impair their sacred,

Or else, life is huge road through signs pothole voyage aged;

Don’t get entrapped in complex mind and escape from a hate,

Never, ever, cover your belief, put vision to a reality update;

Learn trivial from every one passing within our lives enigma,

May be painful and painless they are, lessons are not stigma.