God sanctified me with vigour hardly evaluate through world,

Stronger than gladiator, Batool fail to distinguish wait curled;

It is better to have beloved frank declare utmost hate for you,

Then to have dearly love one-sided putting you down, no glue;

A horse can’t be forced to drink water, same is case with fairy,

Endure zoom of silence, one day she realizes holiness of Mary;

Judging a creature doesn’t define an identity in the flux of love,

Money is zero from falling in love purview as world is foxglove;

Even than make certain having ample money before get victim,

Zaffar has no animosity with anyone being son of father Adam;

Have no desire of playing with chastity of females but respect,

Par quality mother, sisters and daughter except blanket reject;

Someday the entire lot shall repent avoidance of a divine lover,

Ideal sense shall revitalize by giggle in delusion, love suit blur;

One ought be alert getting trapped in adore, a provision of God,

Careful with phrase of love! May not prove cheerful play awed;

Barely forgiven once misconceived as all bodily wound do heal,

Words as assault on brain onto heart fester maim, eternal peel;

Love never repent wasting of years in a sovereign relationship,

Adoree, too, is not in calm of time, adorer confront a tear-ship;

Zoom job never bears fruit merely swell  like a Cuscuta widen,    

Time, tide and love await none Batool, when realised it is shun.





At wee hours on 9/11, got woke up without any natural desire. Easily went to sleep, again. Adaan for Fajjar Prayer got me woke up from the lap of deep valley of sleep. Had a breakfast with half diagonally cut slice of bread with omelet at 8.15AM? At 9.46AM, felt severe retching with vomit reflex.

At 10AM, had profuse forceful vomiting, nine spill out, in 15 minutes thereto unconscious. Just heard, in the hospital, “Had he been late by ten minutes, chances of recovery would have been remote!!!” Blood pressure had fallen to lowest compatible to life with collapsed veins. Branula were tried on back of both hands; Normal Saline running drops were passed through Branula into the blood. Simultaneously, Zantac H2 O (Antacid) and Antibiotics were given through same Branula. Then heard, Blood Pressure (BP) improving as reading was 75/38, Systolic and diastolic [Upper and lower respectively.] Every Dr was apprehensive of Prothrambin International Ratio(INR), was to be maintained between 1.8 to 2.2 lest Blood Cells are strike Artificial Valve leading to thrombosis.  

Doctors were afraid of over hydration as in the presence of Prosthetic Aortic Valve, through Open Cardiac Surgery in 2002. With tentative life span of five years thereafter ten year passed and all Cardiac Medicines stopped as declared normal individual. Yet, put on Marevan 5tab as blood thinner.

At 4.45PM, Dr(s) were worried of Renal Shunt leading to Kidney Failure. At 5.30PM, felt passing urine, which got passed, by the Grace of God, the Almighty.

Against medical advice, returned to my lonely room with teasing double bed (though as usual).

Feeling severe weakness yet fulfilled my consent to act as an External Examiner of University in 2nd Professional M.B;B.S examination one of Medical College at Lahore from Nov, the 13th to Nov. the 28th .

Today, returned to my medical college after fortnight to write something within a miracle. During ibid period remotely went on net, if so, hardly for few minutes. This explains my absence from net with poems!!!!!!




Why not to include posthumously Gen Ayub + his cronies, Gen Yahya +  cronies. Gem Zia and his denture qua Maxillary denture ( Upper Jaw) amalgamated in MQM; Mandible ( Lower Jaw) amalgamated in PML-N [ still alive] and Musharraf + his cronies thereto it shall be justice. Those who are dead, their Skeletal remains be hanged onto erected highest pyramids, besides, Judges  be not spared who took an Oath in era of dictators…..Dr Zaffar Bukhari


Why not to include posthumously Gen Ayub + his cronies, Gen Yahya +  cronies. Gem Zia and his denture qua Maxillary denture ( Upper Jaw) amalgamated in MQM; Mandible ( Lower Jaw) amalgamated in PML-N [ still alive] and Musharraf + his cronies thereto it shall be justice. Those who are dead, their Skeletal remains be hanged onto erected highest pyramids, besides, Judges  be not spared who took an Oath in era of dictators…..Dr Zaffar Bukhari


Zaffar superimpose by “Sin Pyramid,” Doomsday in a world,

How dare such sinners proclaim Batool’s divine flux, herald;

Wander through maimed soul from a pillar to post abysmal,

World of limbo by course of timidity vest covertly dismissal;

Stolen away a dignity with shatter trust in valley wilderness,

Own shadow refuse to discern his entity in mirror imagines;

God can be bought through Sermons of clergies,  not woman,

Added selfless love doesn’t give the right for a hug and omen;

Female render so unselfconfident parallel property and thug,

Batool obdurate to love being paragon of virtues, how to hug;

God made her through own hands in free time not Mono Liza,

Invariably all men have labeled daughter of Eve as lust pizza;

Thy has no physical entity as Virtuous, no issue of touchable,

True love serene of liberty not rapt prisoner exist crushable;

Male ought to get her feet be valued  with dignity and honour,

Never assume her as commercial commodity amid dishonor;

Worship her not equivalent to God but greater to flimsy man,

Pacify fairy from toenail to scalp hair by divine poultice bran;

”Romeo-Juliet” and “Zaffar-Batool” predestined born seldom,

Zaffar eddy in tragedy as could not utter his love by freedom.





Assignments determine Batool’s purposeless valid resort,

Virtuous, paragon of virtues pivots around not by thwart;

Thousands candle can be lit with one spark of divine love,

Once pangs start burning, straightway falls, hand foxglove;

Life of “love-candle” never vanish nor do explore  exhaust,

Love boost “Face-2-Face” share interact nay a beacon blast;

Neither defined in curriculum but dwell in to selfless heart,

Persists by mutual not one-sided bond drifting away smart;

Honesty is the preface in “love-book” precursor to chapter,

Book contain own discipline, ethics and codes, devoid spur;

Money can’t buy etiquette, mannerism, moral and integrity,

Nor seduction of mind to have body on soul via a certainty;

Whatever fated love one is vested through plus grave hurt,

Strong wall shake, never collapse like Nimmi-Zaffar squirt;  

Many fairies walk on “Love-Road” not with an adorer clear,

Silence ridden smile rests in daydream contrary love dear;

Ought to explain misery, but, not utter in case to argument,

Every relation is vulnerable as there come a point of brunt;

In every relationship come a point, spin about  the damage,

Onaway love of the full tale active alter by perceive abridge;

How conducive once it was Zaffar! Batool hardly denies me,

Memoirs fester by tender pangs vulnerable to save and see;

Viciously, an amalgam hurts like hell as one keeps worship,

Selfless love begets totipotent altar, only reaction tear ship.



Blood relations are like dense fruit tree with branches,

When trunk becomes hollow cancer creates breaches;

Festering originated, Cain killed Abel his real brother,

Parent wail from sky to earth shaky pity fate of mother;

Brothers abduct Joseph (PBUH), blood dumped in well,

Father Jacob (PBUH) wept onto blind eyes fester swell;

Shirt emit odor of son, identified by, father shed tears,

Senility superimposed by grief and sorrow of son weir;

Blood, acquired and moving relations nexus synonym,

Lust, greed, trust breach and faith hold blend antonym;

Each relation is in danger at two junctions, before and,

After losing bond of purity in lack of happiness brand;   

Once bitten, twice smitten spin around afar to manage,

Repent when have naught, the lot tender via espionage;

Once was in someone’s reflection integral part of love,

Suddenly, fall in trap of animosity playing by foxglove;

Love fallen in the hands of merchants who barter lust,

Sharing of love secret with trustee pilot ending in dust;

Reveal is entry to euthanasia of love make into mutual,

People take it love by their own chastity depict crucial;

Majority of gullible get engross of one’s disaster in life,

Forget as one sows shall reap only time decide by rife;

Life nexus bow game only defeat not matter but refuse,

To get up again boldly like gladiator to fight by defuse;

Unskilled teach the right lesson to skill, what love time!

Ensuing era deem true love in berceuse lullaby rhyme;

Faith is the first step of ladder to rise reaching the sun,

Facing sun never brings chance to see shadow get shun;

Only that matters that how much one loved via tender,

Conceding Batool was never fated for Zaffar but a slur.





Dr Moeed! What melodrama is being played in a country created to establish Principles of Islam irrespective of cast, creed, gender, age, colour and religion thereto what has been delivered in the name of good governance by hungry wolves, though abdomen loaded with currency unto esophagus down to rectum, in the garb of ruling elites!!!

What negotiations are going on by killing Hake mullah Mehsud, leaders of the main negotiators, the Principle participant, can be called future prime Minister!!!!

Crusaders main demand is stop drone attacks forthwith to continue peace accord; on the other hand “Uncle Sam” is castrating the intentness, a prerequisite for any negotiation. For the first time in my knowledge, heard to handover “Traitor-Shakeel” though our citizen to USA instead of asking for handing over to Pakistan those CIA agents who planned, motivated, maneuvered and participated in “Abbott bad Carnage” to be tried and put before “Death Squad” for creating tyranny in Pakistan!!!!

Muhammad-bin-Qasim, at the tender age of sixteen, was sent to Indo-Pak Subcontinent to rescue and get free few Muslim women, but, when he intended returning to Baghdad two daughters of Raja Dahir accompanied Muhammad-bin-Qasim in the garb of impressed upon. When those Hindu women reached Baghdad, they complained to Hajjaj-bin-Yousef that his nephew, Muhammad-bin-Qasim attacked their chastity in India. Muhammad-bin-Qasim was, said to be, hanged within two days of lodgment of complaint and his dead body was tied with elephant roaming in the street of Baghdad far many days!!

 Our rulers went to lick the feet of John Kerry foreign minister of Uncle Sam and undeclared Vice Roy of Pakistan as Puddle fed on “Brain-n-Hooves” in hierarchy nexus undeclared Drone attacks, without mention of Dr Aafia Siddiqui, as their stooge though Prime minister of Pakistan.

Dr Moeed, how long Nation can afford such barbarism, brutality and carnage of rather castration of its people?????????????????????/

Burn the flags of Uncle Sam to ashes, so that peace, prosperity and tranquility sprout with respect, honour and dignity at gross root level and using our ruling elite as manure to have an amalgam for fertilizer!!!

Dr Zaffar Bukhari.