How can other’s perceive my strength of love for Batool,

At last, Zaffar’s  heart flatters deep in ebb of a pang pool;

Loved flawed call a beauty ,rage-craziness brand whiz kid,

Not gone bizarre taking love a worship spin around, no rid;

Better be absurd at love than lackluster enter not disparity,

Vow to be daring by decide expression through eyes clarity;

Dynamic by ruthless sincerity during aspiration full of tune,

Share interaction is deeper in love enigma by settled attune;

Zoom cohort aware of our love affairs and my feel by pang,

Just you, Virtuous, by design overlook snoop of heart rang;

Notion of good life gone by empty smile, soul wanders away,

Once laughed aloud in Nimmi having joint goal as gateway;

How blessed was! Abode in “Heaven Home” by vested right,

Expected life having own children, habitat collapsed no light;

Umpteen reckoned lover died among hardly residual traces,

Their graves are visited by love failure as honor love brasses;

Millions of people in world are lust related not aware of love,

Greed lust isolate not mom, sisters and daughters as foxglove;

Wealth is not strike coins! Drop tears, see many hands reckon,

Weep yours eyes taking a tear as diamond of your love token;

Soul and body amalgam of sanctuary, prohibit for greed lust,

Love is profession of Prophets (PBUT) and God without rust;

My heart is not voicemail only paragon of virtues do perceive,

Sinking her eyes by fanning blinks during zoom by me receive;

Love is not product one postpones for soaring foreseen phase,

It is divinity one designs with tender heart reality not phrase;

Controlling one’s thought by going senseless is a love pyramid,

Time, tide and love wait for none among eternal regret gravid;

Love begets love,  avoid begets adorer’s pang coded by ignore,

God seeks union of two predestined souls, wander by explore;

Struck up in zoom’s employ impedes love abysmally in limbo,

First priority ought to be an Ordain of God leaving rest bingo.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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