Once dwelled in Nimmi, a residence of heaven on earth,

Promote my love for Nimmi by open arm without dearth;

Never allowed by sanctity of quarters to bash away hate,

Always underestimated my self-respect and ego update,

Contrast among others devoid of Batool my love divinity,

It is the cleavage that make us stunning and a sole deity;

Worship prays are like prays of prophet for ruined nation,

Love is beaten by two stuff: time, and long row for ration;

Love and jiffy are unique, besides, love never occur alone,

With everyone one can’t fall in love, once befalls is cyclone;

There comes a time when one stops crossing cleavage snug,

People devoid of response to love, strike shopping mall jug;

Ought not to depend on love, rare product without money,

Depend not on man, who depart, God saves from a tyranny;

Who is invincible as cares whale feed thirty-three tons flesh,   

Daily by no fail, one ton consists of twenty-eight mound fresh;

Thirty-three tons equivalent nine hundred twenty-four mound,  

One mound consist of forty Kg, total calculated to roundabout;

Three thousands, six hundred and ninety six Kg supplied in sea,

Whereas, we human weep for a loaf of bread from ruler’s glee;

Zaffar stop euthanasia seeking Batool living in Nimmi priceless,

When you have put your full heart into , leave to God, no tireless;

How can you erase the diary of love, forget not you, white-collar,

Avoid carrying mistakes around, squeeze them under feet’s slur;

Utilize marker to beacon love chandler focus on Batool’s absentia,

Reserve matters not in mutual love though ignored cant as alma;

Trust, faith and confidence matter on bilateral basis not distance,

Money only impress lazy beloveds, seek Bluebeard by no resistance;

When woman works hard, money is her bonus and not valid for man,

Not fiscal ladder for man, earn ladies are devoid of love qua bedpan.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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