Divinely,Daughters of Eve called mother are constrained toward rent out own liver,

Hectic roundabouts are filled by lethargic kids to fetch a livelihood deliver;

Saleable commodity are only source of beggary for none other than mother,

Brooder of house gone barefaced in schedule of addict, overlook as father;

 whilst mother earns, it is her own prerogative bonus and property,

Father is ought to bear all expenses to run housing, tend and not suck satiety;

Roots of male originate from an integrate of sand, water and mud from Adam,

Eve bestowed title of Brooder of all daughters, created from rib, Adam seldom;

God holy all mothers with Heaven under their feet for offshoot precursor,

To adore, serve, cater their mothers who well come new born by milk secretor;

A person went to Prophet Mohd (PBUH) and enquired, “If a person has   parents!

Who to be valued more: mother or father?” Prophet(PBUH) replied mother dear,

Asked thrice with same reply of mother, third time Prophet(PBUH) alike clear;

Who is at fault: a husband, political reservations and bad governance of leader,

Baby remains in vendee’s custody clad in dirty clothes, vomit soaked no pleader;

Slept! Never sob, shriek and always drowned in cleavage of nap by bury in naive,  

Ignorant of mother lap, soothe by berceuse, lullaby and poultice care for wave;

Who cares! Martyr (RA) of Karbala was not short of innocent kids seek water,

Yazid ( Curse B U H) the divine-pragmatic traitor deprived of water and slaughter;

In Pakistan, Don of beggary mafia tie remote control bomb around Bukhari’s thigh ,

who abducted business tycoon, went to the top of constitutional head of state dignify;

Killer of ethics of life, Socrates! Went to status of executive of State eating hoof,

Trying to clear way to become Amir-Ul-Momineen in hierarchy went behind bars aloof;

Nation seems torment from an opium addict, vote for those tried twice never care, former,

Struck up in an amalgam of starvation, thirst, chastity and honour, in cleave of informer;

Along, Batool Rajput, Reham Khan, Fereeha Khan, Sidra Iqbal, struggling Maria Memon,

Jasmine Manzoor, Tallat Husain, Hassan Nisar and Ayyaz Mir are Incorruptible God’s falcon;

Current election hijacked and usurped at the behest of senility of Justice Fakhru with cruelty,  

Lost Acumenship as antagonized by female sparrow (Najam Sethi) explicit sordid brutality;

Zaffar Can pray that Nation gets equipped with most powerful weapon against trouble,

Cyclone of illness, Dracula of miseries, health and wealth encoded in divine pray preamble;

Too harsh to let prevailing circumstance go in situ, looking at sky for help with cross legs,

Clenched hands as God help those (Nation) who help themselves to break the putrid eggs;

Tie no weight to ankles and run on their own feet to explore destined usurped by ruler,

Lest Genghis and Halagu comes to rescue building pyramids of skulls by monarch’s stroller.    



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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