Reham ji,

You have put forth the first ray of hope among the poor, deprived, and starved and chastity-less masses in our country! Unfortunately, the larger province Punjab has gone ballooned up (Ballottement in Forensic Medicine) by usurping Pothohar region, Seraiki belt and State of Bahawalpur. This area (ibid) was called “Green Pasture) for invaders in the garb of “Golden Sparrow”, decidedly, not sparrow of present era (Mr. Najam Sethi) killing big Falcons in the current elections; invaders were garlanded on entering the territory of Punjab. When defeated and running away from India, were also garlanded, besides, singles were made married through marriages with invading ruling elites.

Now population of Punjab stand deprived of Acumenship of ruling elite all fours.

Yours forefather came here to get the population in Punjab acquaint with norm of code of life, art of wars, self respect and etiquette-mannerism, the first stone of renaissance was laid by Mahmoood Ghazanvi who crushed the Temple of Somnath, full of vulgarity against human norms by female followers of temple world. My forefather came here to preach Islam in letter and spirit, especially warrior clans of Rajput were converted to Islam. It is said that first Syed who to Ind0-Pak Subcontinent was Sher Shah Syed Jallal Surkh Bukhari of, resting in, Uch Sharif ( my direct ancestor) about eleven centuries ago though not confirmed by me!

On partition, Bengali were only checkmates on Punjab. Unfortunately, Bhutto, a Sindhi (Originally his forefather, too, belong to Punjab) in order to grab power put forth the slogan, “There you (Mujib-ur-Rehman) and here I (Zulfi)” theretofore the resolution of Poland, was torn apart into pieces, so does Pakistan.

In violation of Principles of Socrates, cobblers, carpenters, vendors, barbers and blacksmiths, specially, “Horse-shoe-Makers” trait. He took brimful cup of poison Hemlock and refused foolproof opportunity of an escape from gaol qua his Principles may not die.

During Gen Zia’s era Gianni Zail Singh, president of India came to Pakistan. Gen Zia’s off shoots were also got introduced to Indian President. When Chief Minister of Punjab was introduced, he said,” Ooh! Son of Shari-fa Nalaan wala (son of Shari-fa the “Horse-shoe-Maker’s trait!!!!” How can rulers of Punjab have Acumenship of ruling large province???? A Province (Punjab) completely superimposing good governance of small provinces????

Gen Zia plane crashed in air near Bahawalpur, maneuvered by his own mentor Uncle Sam. Leaving behind a legacy of

(i) Denture having upper jaw (Maxillary one) blended into MQM and lower jaw (Mandibular one) an amalgam of centum PML-N!!!!

(ii) Clashes and annexation of Sia Chen goes to his credit and uttered, “So what! There doesn’t grow a blade of grass!!!!” What golden words uttered….nexus an Akk plant happen to grow on the buttocks of shameful person in Punjab as a curse, he said, “Doesn’t matter! I shall sit under its shadow!!!!”  

 May be, Imam Mahdi is on way to come in Pakistan. Aameen….Sum-ma Amen!!!   

 When shall our masses go wise??? Blind followers of shadows being chased by ample to support Rasputin of Punjab (Worst than Rasputin of Czar Era in Russia).

You have performed your duty, Reham, rest lies with deprived Nation. Bravo on all fours!!!!

Dr Zaffar Bukhari.






About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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