Satan Challenged Writ of God to bow before His creature Adam,

Eve born from Adam’s rib bear heaven below her feet! Seldom;

Devil influence Adam to commit sin with taste prohibited fruit,

Divine sentence pragmatics through entity from heaven uproot;

Impossible cleavage existed between Adam and Eve a divine pair,

Adam voyage struggle from Adam’s Peak Ceylon to reach wife Eve,

Reach Arabian desert in three years facing starvation, no retrieve;

Adam’s sons Cain and Abel beaten a awful blow in lust flux death,

Cain, elder brother, murder Abel with lust, voracity, cruelty dearth;

Impossible is misnomer as bear from lack of dare in the inner core,

Willpower overcome fear as handicapped akin to top peak explore;

Impossible is just a huge word fearful about by tiny men lost at heart,

Discover easier to live  in the world they stand born, yield nay smart;

Akin not to survey power they have to change their entities with valor,

Impracticable is lingo akin to student juggle among pencil via anchor;

Either sharpener is mislaid, lost, blunt; pencil not sharp often broken,

No interest to learn, create lame excuse to use the time as study token;

Cowardice overlay trivial effort but hyperactive to dig up from parent,

Irrespective of their status, fiscal condition thereto in rebel fragments;

Possible is inborn power vests in all hearts and arm irrespective, creed,

Groom in mothers laps matters as first, “Alma mater” teach by no greed;

Unfeasible is an habit to trap down in fluxed auto defeat without  effort,

Sparrow kills a falcon with sheer valor show through claw beacon alert;

Unrealistic infuriate one’s survival instinct dip in valley of sleep eternal,

Impossible have to be killed before it kills ego, self and soul unit internal;

It is not fact but opinion pivot around Satanism though messiah is Batool,

Zaffar struggle renaissance for Batool from the mingle of sins whirlpool.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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