Who to realise that woman, daughter of Eve superior to men,

Adam an blend of water, mud and sand thrown from heaven;

Man walks towards lady contained via natural instinct’s flux,

Looking all around amid meek vision with covert ego deluxe;

Voice barely comes from lips, falter from pillar to post grumble,

Initially vested with humble attitude and gratitude preamble;

One cannot judge a vendor among basket of flowers as garland,

Flower holder happens to be woman’s crucial not Greenland;

Theretofore he auctions preemptive grave ensuing deathbed,

Women stride stops, feeble voice and parched lips get shred;

Reality hit as the very secret of female-chastity gone shatter,

Man in the garb of Satan played its nefarious role no matter;

Female’s life becomes dry wood vulnerable to spark of ash,

Voice dies, reputation lost, chastity ruined and sky gets rash;

God never fated so, it was Adam’s voyage from Adam’s Peak,

Struggling through ups and downs reach Eve in Arabia streak;

Pragmatic temperament of have paradise under mother’s feet,

When all the dweller of the world go astray only mother greet;

Only mothers wants life of offshoot to move on in all respect,

Sisters and brothers operate Cain and Abel suffer blood dissect;

Only parents say,” God! Let our children go beyond our position.”

Sisters and brothers say. “have rank of world; stay under apron;

On doomsday each individual shall be called by name of mother,

Great respect bestowed by God to a woman irrespective of father;

Rapist destiny enshrined in Caliph Umer’s son named Abu Shama,

Died with whiplashing thereto rest of lashes on grave Panorama;

Men ought to learn partnership from animal living in wooded area,

Progress gone down the hill men behaving abysmal with urticaria;

Nothing is left when Batool the paragon of Virtues goes corporeal,

Virtuous can’t be determined with Zaffar already full of sin surreal


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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