Zaffar after birth listens lullaby full of hidden wail, moan and sorrow,

His mother, a daughter of Chieftain underwent an orphanage borrow;

 In her home, her  maternal aunt brought up without her own parents,

One time, maternal aunt’s ancestors having livelihood met as tenants;

Huge quad of Chiefton had a wall taller than height of a passing camel,

 Mom smoothly  play with toys, amuse by berceuse life nexus an enamel;

 Toddler  fairy witnessed sudden death of elder sister during her delivery,

Followed by solitary brother elder to her, life get vanished in gloom blankly;

Luck orphaned her among a younger sister, as mom was barely seven,

Life went cold with a toddler, snub destination clear, but nine /eleven;

Wander as grown up in rooms and courtyard searching her once inmate,

Conducive were playing days besides learning Holy Quran, clean climate;

 Her aunt’s husband Station Master in Delhi zone suo moto brought her home,

Lacking will of husband, aunt coerced her to work as grown habitat maid,

 Broomstick was her goal only escort cleaning huge house, tears her aid;

Once sweeping huge mud lawn, a dust storm engulfed her as mercy canopy,

Roared like lion, used to voice uprooted her ear drums followed by slaps,

A nest departed from qua long curly hair into hand of aunt, luck mishaps;

Mom stopped eating as a protest lodged before God and went extremely weak,

Found grain of Gram, cleaned by blows, suddenly conscience reached at peak;

Thought it was part of livelihood of aunt and dear not eat but threw it before,

Hens and ducks, love birds of aunt, what were real days in life theretofore;

Zaffar’s real grandmother, subsequently, preserved nest hair as a noble gift,

Suddenly, grandfather came on leave as he was feudal and arbitrator of rift;

His elder wife gifted “Nest-Hair” as souvenir, he got infuriated and took away,

Mom taken to Bahawalpur and admitted in Boarding house with young sister,

 Life got soothed through love poultice of all sensitive teacher to heal blister;

Reached ninth class, playing with rings and left handed badminton champion,

My father became a medical Dr from King Edward Medical College; save arson;

Grandfather refuse all proposals for his son and got him married to my mom,

Mom again brought her aunt’s children for study against the desire of father,

Father’s salary bearing all expenses to fulfill desire of maimed victim mother;

 Father hastily retired instead of promotion to the post of a Secretary health,

For the first time realised the stepness of brother and sisters akin to wealth;

At forty nine, mom came to my room in a gloom,”Zaffar do take care of prince,”

My younger brother hardly nine, as father busy in reinstate cases in variance;

One day he gets selection grade and the other day stands compulsorily retired

Reinstated by supreme Court after his death as Secretary whilst soul tired.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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