Who to realise that woman, daughter of Eve superior to men,

Adam an blend of water, mud and sand thrown from heaven;

Man walks towards lady contained via natural instinct’s flux,

Looking all around amid meek vision with covert ego deluxe;

Voice barely comes from lips, falter from pillar to post grumble,

Initially vested with humble attitude and gratitude preamble;

One cannot judge a vendor among basket of flowers as garland,

Flower holder happens to be woman’s crucial not Greenland;

Theretofore he auctions preemptive grave ensuing deathbed,

Women stride stops, feeble voice and parched lips get shred;

Reality hit as the very secret of female-chastity gone shatter,

Man in the garb of Satan played its nefarious role no matter;

Female’s life becomes dry wood vulnerable to spark of ash,

Voice dies, reputation lost, chastity ruined and sky gets rash;

God never fated so, it was Adam’s voyage from Adam’s Peak,

Struggling through ups and downs reach Eve in Arabia streak;

Pragmatic temperament of have paradise under mother’s feet,

When all the dweller of the world go astray only mother greet;

Only mothers wants life of offshoot to move on in all respect,

Sisters and brothers operate Cain and Abel suffer blood dissect;

Only parents say,” God! Let our children go beyond our position.”

Sisters and brothers say. “have rank of world; stay under apron;

On doomsday each individual shall be called by name of mother,

Great respect bestowed by God to a woman irrespective of father;

Rapist destiny enshrined in Caliph Umer’s son named Abu Shama,

Died with whiplashing thereto rest of lashes on grave Panorama;

Men ought to learn partnership from animal living in wooded area,

Progress gone down the hill men behaving abysmal with urticaria;

Nothing is left when Batool the paragon of Virtues goes corporeal,

Virtuous can’t be determined with Zaffar already full of sin surreal



Oh the moving astray stormy breeze handicap beneath my  wings,

Fly high, it is proper time to struggle out reaching destination swing;

I do cross the sky through to catch by special one live right in Heaven,

Thank you my Lord as you are elevating force beneath my wings driven;

Still blood stained path ahead me in search of my zoomed love awaiting,

Unripe of facts that love got extinguish long ago fluxed in currency rating;

Love pains are the doom of selfless lovers not fated, yet to lurch all alone,  

Climate, drizzle, gloom and pang fester in my bones not less than cyclone;

The pictogram of hope stood vanished, no one guides a strayed strangers,

Carry load of pangs on my feeble shoulder, forest without of the rangers;

Tragedy is fate of true, pious, sacrosanct, nascent and divine selfless love,

Romeo Juliet, Vamik-Azra, Leila Majnu and Zaffar Batool a fate, foxglove;

Memoir of love are more sore and tortuous lest befall atomic deterrent,

Mutual bilateral sharing interaction of love remain eternally permanent;

God sends two encoded souls on earth to amalgamate eternally oneness,

Irrespective of cast, creed, distance, marital status and age sustain tones;

Lust and greed have superimposed doctrine of love amongst all relation,

Julius Caesar was thirty four years older than Cleopatra not sublimation;

Natural instinct born with every creature malformed to quagmire barter,

Billionaires vest custodian of love pangs bid surrounded by fairy charter.




Reham Khan!

You are right on all fours in modern societies, whereby, scientific achievements are in vogue since inception of Islam by prophet Mohammad (SAWS). Pakistan was created by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah in the name of Islam, so that, its dwellers get justice irrespective of cast, creed, gender, religion, ideology, age and marital status, Whereby Socrates Principles shall prevail thereto no cobbler, carpenter, mason, blacksmith and horse-shoe-trait shall not be allowed to enter the parliament and ruling elite as their mental faculties were not developed with lowest threshold of ruling acumenship. He preferred taking poison qua brim full cup of Hemlock and refused availing chance of fled away from gaol so that Socrates Principles may not die.

Nor we are following Principles of Islam enshrined in Holy Quran and Hadit of Mohammad (SAWS).

Superseding all previous law, this aspect is governed by Women Protection Act 2006:

365B. Kidnapping, abduction or inducing woman to compel for marriage etc.

Whoever kidnaps or abducts any woman with intent that she may be compelled or knowing it to be likely that she will be compelled, to marry any person against her will or in order that she may be forced or seduced for illicit intercourse, or knowing it to be likely that she will be forced or seduced to illicit intercourse, shall be punished with imprisonment for life, and shall also be liable to fine, and whoever by mean of criminal intimidation as defined in this Code, or abuse of authority or any other method of compulsion, induces any woman to go from any place with intent that she may be, or knowing that it is likely she will be forced or seduced to illicit intercourse with another person shall shall also be punishable  as aforesaid.

367A. Kidnapping or abducting in order to subject person to unnatural lust:

Whoever kidnaps or abducts any person in order that such person may be subjected or may be disposed of shall be punished with death or rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to twenty five years, and shall also be liable to fine.

371A. selling person for purpose of prostitution etc.:

Whoever sells , lets to hire , or otherwise disposes of any person shall at any time be employed or used for the purpose of prostitution or illicit intercourse with any person or f0r any unlawful and immoral purpose , or knowing it to be likely that such person shall at any time be employed or used for any such , purpose  ,shall be punished with imprisonment which may be extend to twenty five years , and shall also be liable to fine

372 B Buying person for purposes of prostitution or illicit intercourse with any person or any unlawful and immoral ,shall be punished with imprisonment which may extend to twenty five and shall also be liable to fine


a man is said to commit rape who has intercourse with a women under circumstances falling under any of the following description

(1) against her will(2) without her consent(3)with her consent when consent is obtained by putting her in fear of death or of hurt(4) with or without her consent when she is under sixteen years of age

376 punishment for rape imprisonment for twenty five shall also be liable to fine if committed by two or more persons shall be punished with death or imprisonment for life


Dr.Zaffar Bukhari,

Professor of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology .




Why discrimination in the world? God any justification!

Innocents punish for sins not commit lack clarification;

Somewhere rotten wounds pang, all over dragger in back,

Those who selflessly adore from core of heart get detrack;

Absolutely, your presence realistic evenly in each particle,

Love lost its significance and makeup, fiscal paper article;

Human mutated to various modes, have greed sect religion,

Church, temper and mosque without God, man lost vision;

All dwellers of earth fix up self imposed creature as atheist,

Why thrive unit lack of friends with sins flourish, not resist;

Luck is destined before birth, fated soul perish in await row,

Some born with gold spoon in mouth, majority bear by rag,

Masses devoid of birth rights clean air, have an identify tag;

Zaffar wander from pillar to post awfully to have his Batool,

Virtues are not inborn but attain good deed lest become fool;

An a naive in love affairs, fell prey to swirl butterfly on zoom,

Being medical Dr was ignorant of beauty and suffer a gloom;

Ignorance met him as antagonist to have union of meant soul,

Matching part on boast-fun, “See-n-Saw” through on all four,

Aah! Losing his love infinitive in limbo with no sign of restore;

Alive bee from zoom to zoom nectar not found on any obstinate,

Sometimes in, other time out of zoom, clear trace of an obdurate.




Zaffar after birth listens lullaby full of hidden wail, moan and sorrow,

His mother, a daughter of Chieftain underwent an orphanage borrow;

 In her home, her  maternal aunt brought up without her own parents,

One time, maternal aunt’s ancestors having livelihood met as tenants;

Huge quad of Chiefton had a wall taller than height of a passing camel,

 Mom smoothly  play with toys, amuse by berceuse life nexus an enamel;

 Toddler  fairy witnessed sudden death of elder sister during her delivery,

Followed by solitary brother elder to her, life get vanished in gloom blankly;

Luck orphaned her among a younger sister, as mom was barely seven,

Life went cold with a toddler, snub destination clear, but nine /eleven;

Wander as grown up in rooms and courtyard searching her once inmate,

Conducive were playing days besides learning Holy Quran, clean climate;

 Her aunt’s husband Station Master in Delhi zone suo moto brought her home,

Lacking will of husband, aunt coerced her to work as grown habitat maid,

 Broomstick was her goal only escort cleaning huge house, tears her aid;

Once sweeping huge mud lawn, a dust storm engulfed her as mercy canopy,

Roared like lion, used to voice uprooted her ear drums followed by slaps,

A nest departed from qua long curly hair into hand of aunt, luck mishaps;

Mom stopped eating as a protest lodged before God and went extremely weak,

Found grain of Gram, cleaned by blows, suddenly conscience reached at peak;

Thought it was part of livelihood of aunt and dear not eat but threw it before,

Hens and ducks, love birds of aunt, what were real days in life theretofore;

Zaffar’s real grandmother, subsequently, preserved nest hair as a noble gift,

Suddenly, grandfather came on leave as he was feudal and arbitrator of rift;

His elder wife gifted “Nest-Hair” as souvenir, he got infuriated and took away,

Mom taken to Bahawalpur and admitted in Boarding house with young sister,

 Life got soothed through love poultice of all sensitive teacher to heal blister;

Reached ninth class, playing with rings and left handed badminton champion,

My father became a medical Dr from King Edward Medical College; save arson;

Grandfather refuse all proposals for his son and got him married to my mom,

Mom again brought her aunt’s children for study against the desire of father,

Father’s salary bearing all expenses to fulfill desire of maimed victim mother;

 Father hastily retired instead of promotion to the post of a Secretary health,

For the first time realised the stepness of brother and sisters akin to wealth;

At forty nine, mom came to my room in a gloom,”Zaffar do take care of prince,”

My younger brother hardly nine, as father busy in reinstate cases in variance;

One day he gets selection grade and the other day stands compulsorily retired

Reinstated by supreme Court after his death as Secretary whilst soul tired.


God write downs your all grieve, sorrows, dismay and pang on dry sand,

With the Gayle they get blown away infinitive with not a residual brand;

Yours moment of happiness hang about with mute and written on stone,

What to talk of wind! Even, rain washing unable to wipe away or flown;

Love fluxed in lap of mother during fairytales, kisses and selfless hugs,

With open heart through inspire attitude; now fallen in the hands, thugs;

Before I this day, used to laugh freely by jokes, love befell upon via zoom,

Now, wail, moan and during sleep shriek encode me in an eternal gloom;

Thank! You for first time in life got me love taste, I was tough yet crazy,

Now, got addicted to Batool as long as I live during, via buried soul achy;

Virtuous, Batool and paragon of Virtues Ordained exist nexus achieved,

I cry for you in the valley of ignorance, which forever get fate received;

Love you followed by a repugnance as why couldn’t utter my divine love,

Afraid! You may fall in sordid hands of lust and greed by eager foxglove;

Apprehend that love is not “Crystal-money-Sport, “white collar banned,

Two hearts prohibited to unite under though Ordain before birth strand;

Fairy only treat me badly within by ignorance though not all and sundry,

Can you allow me to fight with my own ill luck? You move on like bee;

Love is not article of trade to be tardy/barter eternal for foreseen break,

Zaffar is not a billionaire to dare express selfless love destined by uptake;

Love seeks forfeit at the altar of self ego where financial status not blood,

It is Divinity God Design for the present by fated souls and motion flood;

How to control my feelings! As moment, tides and love await none ever,

Love begets love, so does ignorance glide endure adorer’s worship adder.




Mother’s pain on sale……
It was a blood stained long path
I walk with woodmen but I stumble alone
Winds, rain, darkness n pain piercing my bones
The beacon of hope has been lost
My heart beat numb by the engulfing frost
No one knows, though everyone talks
I carry this burden on my own
I am alive, my child is gone
Memories of your last smile
Last embrace, last kiss on my forehead……..
Is this all enough to make me go on?
Apparently it is!

I look around
Tiny specs with large shadows
All my youthful companions
Marching on the chant of justice
Eye for eye, hair for hair
May I question this?
May I dare?
The shadows coax me…move on
I scream once again—–All hail, all hail!
We can all hear a woman’s voice from the other end
Sons on sale, sons on sale!
What strange awful sound is that?
The horrid voice raises fear in the eyes of those beside me
I smile, a painful smile, I encourage, I coax
My friends, its just a hoax
We march again on the chants of justice…..

A large sparrow flies by
The shadow reaches the corners of my mind
At the end of the road…
Is it you, I will find?
It won’t be you, it will never be you
The voice of the woman now comes from within
Some parched tongued old hag she is
How she raises her ugly voice
Her dead gaze as dead as you were
I scream again ——-
“What if I sold you my dear?
Like they do business in smoky rooms?
Dollar for dollar, pound for pound
Sell whatever we found…..
The puffy cheeks, lifeless eyes full of dreams…
Your lean body dressed in formal suit
And yes the fingers
Aren’t these the fingers, that had encircled my hands… a tiny clasp years ago?”
The voice stops but not the journey….
Time goes fast, but it has stood still
Like rain drops on the grass of your grave……
I can still feel the warmth of your embrace
The small hugs, the enchanted laughter
Time goes fast moment flies
But it could not steal he twinkle in your eyes…
Until bright rosy cheeks turned pale
Is it now time to put this all on sale?

I walk again, the woman’s voice is now louder than ever
All around me look at me amazed
The voice comes from my lips
I cannot believe it myself…is it I?
Like a seller in the village with a basket on her head
I sell you, your grave, your death bed….
The voices die
The march stops…..
There is no sunlight in the woods now
I bend and my parched lips kiss your lifeless brows….
My voice and the saleswoman’s voice merge 
Reality hits—-the son’s gone
And the mother wants the life to move on…….
Fe’reeha Idrees


One ought to follow one’s heart leading through the heart,

One is acquainted amid in natural instinct not going too smart;

 Believe in you reposing a blanket-trust as you are not a human,

  Obey your ideas! Had as divine creature and messiah to beacon;

 Angel of kindheartedness, there is nonentity you cannot execute,

 Let Zaffar be all alone in Universe, don’t wait and do prosecute;

  I shall keep searching you from pillar to post without look back,

  Don’t wait choice of your pickup, who bothers falling in dark;

  Love is synonym of sacrifice Batool and not murder of an adorer,

  All and sundry prepare for Doomsday through good deeds explorer;
  Batool, Virtuous, Paragon of Virtues and love are all synonyms
  Bad deeds, greed, breach of trust, murder of love, sins are antonyms;
  Smile opens door of soul, patience and tolerance sooth rage in anger,
   Attraction of shy is more powerful than grace, cute and beauty spur;

 On the lips of birds praise of God is beaded through a loud chorus,

Houbara bustards in flock by loud voice wail and moan not aimless;

In wee hours trees bow before God in prayers offering their worship

 Man has gone beyond all these through own brethren tear ship;

No time fixed for Lord to shower blessing act poultice to soothe fester,

Human have gone too hard for heart to be broken into pieces cluster.



An untiring struggle within canopy of Batool made my entity rotten,

Retrograde and ante-grade memories maintain contagious forgotten;

Once saw her on zoom world said to be made up of fire qualitative,
Meaning thereby virtue a single, belated made of mud quantitative;
When I hold closer in my dream, turned to be a horrible nightmare,
Paragon of virtue has minus heart but sprinkle of good deeds clear;

Thy’s love lead me through safe off the bizarre, back to the quadrangle ,

Place that Batool once stated to be full of craze getting my life entangle,

Mimic: king enroll donkey in a race also won obeying his own thoughts,

Local paper published,” kings ass won!” Chastity and fame got upshots;

King was upset with otherwise a conducive  publicity, gave ass to queen,

The paper then read,” Queen has best ass in the town!” Awkward scene;

The king fainted and queen sold it to farmer for $10, through away price,

Next day it read, “Queen sells her ass for $10!”Queen got fainted surprise;

The next day the king ordered queen to buy back and leave it in the jungle,

Next headline,” Queen sets her ass free as wild!”Donkey got broken ankle;

The king died due to charisma of,” Holy Media!!” projected on the zoom,

Zaffar never knew it is mirage world leading assailment settling in gloom;

Forgotten love and respect reciprocated from messiah not a mirror image,

Since LOL stands for, “Lucifer Our Lord” since comment, a nasty ridge;

Greed never gets satitied till death, so, does Media Code with pseudo crazes,

Media elephant has two set of dentures one to eat, other to status upraises.