How can I pull through Batool, unlimited, “Vision-barrel” of eyes not gun,

Virtuous, sought by good deeds and prays lest doors of hell in no way shun;

Paragon of virtues vested in prophets (PBUT), messiah and genuine saint,

Zaffar is too sinner to have his fated soul behind zoom with chastity paint;

I! Counterpart born much after me though souls predestined for eachother,

Soul kept on nomadic since pillar to post for analogous, not satitied in other;

Without merger by my fairy hearts leftovers awful gloomed by my entity last,

Pixie butterfly’s from zoom to zoom not realising adorer catch fire auto blast;

I can’t odium since I love you! Stationary get away but is defiance to Ordain,

Would opt getaway from ignorance being electricity barbed wire, our restrain;

Undeniably, had died long ago if not met on zoom! How to cut your job shackle,

Befitting in the shoes of assignments, sure to face you repentance as obstacle;

No matter what assignments you’re confronted with at the cost of nascent love,

No one shall ever love you selflessly, world betrays in the of love amid foxglove; 

How long you shall put amid us an, “Ignorance-screen!” Your heart also pang,

But I can’t afford leaving you unmerged with me, sky bells always stood rang;

Your ignorance drive me volatile crazy feat flashpoint  as stand self captivated,

Groomed in mother lap through fairy tales in lullaby and berceuse motivated;

That fairy plunk founded in you as my life sustains installment of viable alone,

The moment realise sanctity of divine and truest love, you’re heat quit drone,

Wished, you would have come out of, “Ignorance quagmire” not meant in life,

Assignments hit the earth running but pause is mandatory to see world strife;

Never did I fall in love in my life, but, Batool to have my doomsday clearance,

In peak of my youth was invariably adored by fairies, avoided love experience;

Ok! Let my soul fly high into an “Eternal hell” for committing a culpable sin,

While already stand punish by you getting thrown in void valley, how to win;

Give me an autonomy not hold me bound(s) as you hate me through ignorance,

What to do, I love you and can’t afford committing “Euthanasia” deliverance;

Keep awaiting in my residual life, definitely, in heaven, we’re destined to merge,

I remain blessed and satied with an Ordain, Why to undergo torture able surge.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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