Man got free from slavery during the Islamic era, Muhammad (PBUH) Prophet,

Equality of human hood stood defined and reckoned irrespective of status/ profit;

Difference between tribe considering an Arab superior to non-Arab was vanished,

Piety set as criteria on Doomsday before God, humanity saved, getting tarnished;

God define clan in Quran, “I have spread you in various tribes, establish identity,” 

Only deeds, bad or good, shall be the norm irrespective of cast and belief certainty;

Bilal was a Negro slave, got untied from shackles of slavery, an honour saying Adaan, 

Sermon in Arabic lingo to call all Muslims to the mosque or at home for female clan;

Saying prayers five times a day with provision of agree to if one gets late say prayer,

Islamic religion made easy going free from burden with no obstacle formed as a stair;

Caliph Umer (RA), declared”If a bitch is found dead at bank of the Euphrates river! 

I shall be held accountable for its death due to hunger! Animals living rights as lever;”

Alas! Socrates epoch reincarnated in Muslim World, kingdoms, especially in Pakistan,

Who preferred taking poison Hemlock over violation doctrine of mental faculty span;

Carpenters, cobblers, barbers, tailors, blacksmith and “Horse-shoe-makers” quality,

Were never vested with Acumenship of ruling the nation as would yield voters guilty;

Agencies of alien countries maneuvered winning of “Horse-shoe-trait!” Ruling elite,

Depriving poor masses of take a breath to live through cannibal and barbarian delete;

Sculpture of grace, beauty, cute, and oceanic eyes was brought in civic sector hospital,

Hazelnut, gazelle and “Mango-sliced-shaped” eyes during movement of lashes capital;

Lying still on her long hair as cover sheet of hospital bed, diagnose suffer renal shunt,

A motherless fairy in late teen bestowed with task of caring younger by living brunt;

Two brothers and three sisters suffering from starvation as father was totally jobless,

She used to feed young sibling at the cost of her meager meals leaving to luck ruthless;

Living in den, a symbol of home, struggle for viability by sacrifice uncountable days,

Sky went in shock, stars lost twilight, moon went in gloom and sun forgot emit rays;

Immediately taken to ICU( Intensive Care Unit), blood urgently screen various test,

BUN ( Blood, Urea and Nitrogen) highly raised to lethal level tentative life stance rest;

Straight away put on Dialysis borrowed from VIP Legislators quota kept in MS room,

Used for only highly placed elite at the cost of Batool Bibi like people with life gloom;

Diagnosed as Uremic Encephalopathy thereto put on Ventilator regime to save life,

Kept on Ventilators for a lot of hours studded with life saving treatment, but strife;

Her misery pangs were taken cognisence by God the Almighty recalling her soul back,

Lion made symbol on paper in the garb of serving deprived masses went into detrack;

Transformed into real lion by cannibal, eating the flesh, sucking blood and Chastity,

In collusion with “Triangle-of-power” at the helm of affairs, Pakistan, sordid reality;

Sovereign blood’s poet Mirza Ghalib lament, “Not all but few flowers got sprouted,”

Blend with underneath the mud, how many cute, graceful and lovely fairies uprooted.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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