Adam made by God from pious mud, sand and water to absorb shock,

Clay is sign of human, who spends unsure life and buried under rock;

Woman made finer to man as Eve created from rib of clay made Adam,

Angels enough toward worship God bar devil’s quality upheld a random;

Devil confronted with the Ordain to bow before creatures made by God,

Was punished for defiance by Creator of Universe to Satan by lithe rod; 

Moan, bewail, tears, pain, pangs and life of fish without a water confer,

Satan succeeded in detracting Adam via wife Eve violate Ordain defer;

Adam sent on earth hallway on, “Adam’s Peak” in then called Ceylon,

Eve sent to disorientated Arabian land far away with sand dune cyclone;

Love originate through vengeance of Abel among Cain thereto murder,

Making a herald of Forensic sciences valid todate by manifold thunder;

Adam struggled from pillar to post, ultimately got unified with his wife,

Divinity and Satanism concurrently exist, human to differentiate strife;

God’s doors be unlock to shelter human from Satanism, criterion advise,

Proviso of seeking pardon for advertant and inadvertent sins not revise;

Man stands divinely privileged seeking genuine innate matters in a pray,

Gets accredited devoid of utterance of single word though Satan betray;

When one cries in agony, betrayed by Batool, toss like fish by no water,

Relieved of all anguish as Satan’s detracting man efforts get slaughter;

Inadvertent sins when twinge inner core of heart with pinch God forgive,

Knocking forehead in knee-elbow position, mercy gets bestowed positive;

One’s turnout for seeking help from God, complete heartedly accepted, 

Queries sought from divinity are gladly replied by God and nay rejected;

Man takes He provides, when insist upon, at proper time easily provide, 

Everything one does is for one’s own self, God, too similar, never divide;

“Fabi Ayyi Aalaaa’i Rabbikuma Tukazzi Baan;” Quran Surah Rehman ,

What blessings of Allah you man can deny! Here scent Heaven Rehan;

Batool is a qualitative definition, whereas, good deeds are quantitative,

Constant ignorance to Zaffar is a sin never does tantamount qualitative.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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