Rehamji and Jasmin Manzoor Ji. Non to be blamed, though, I strongly endorse “Legendary Heroine of Valor” Jasmin and “Crusador of Tyranny” Miss Reham their contentions. Very hard to be swallowed by ruling elites and their brethren usurper of “Media Conduct Code” sacrificing fame and chastity on media on the whole.
Has any channel shared the job opportunity with venerated Yasmin or for that matter sided with, at least, morally and ethically, my sister, venerated Reham, who got a new life by inevitable miracle by the Grace of God!!!!!
What drama was played last night, stigmatising Police in particular, besides, IB, ISI Sniper Commandos in general. Better, is should be made mandatory for ibid forces to copy, watch and take lessons from CID & Crime Patrol programmes of India, when, no harm to copy their nude and naked culture. I being a Forensic Scientist watch Indian, these, programmes, which are highly informative consistent with latest scientific achievement of updated era.
SSP Dr Rizwan played a melodrama. Their were many opportunities when pseudo terrorist would have been grabbed with. what about Tranquiliser Gun???? Dr Rizwan be asked to watch Animal Planet and Discovery Channels to learn using of tranquilising bullet!!!
Dragon ( Gen Zia ) has died, may his soul remain in pieces and left dentures eternally alive qua upper or “Maxillary Teeth” is composed of PML-N and lower of “Mandibular Teeth” composed of MQM.
Only Genghis Khan and Halago khan are required to break an amalgam Gen Zia’s teeth and constructing pyramids of Skull of PLN-N and MQM and their castrated cronies to save Pakistan of “Wicked Dragon” on all fours…..burning skull to ashes and from their shalll arise peace, tranquility and harmony.
Maxim,” An army of Sheep commanded by Tiger general shall win the battle, whereas, an army of tigers commanded by Sheep general shall loose the Battle”\
Dr Zaffar Bukhari.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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