Ignorance torture lover nexus fish without water, captivated in a home,

Ignites sky high fire melt both hearts, Nero plays flute till cinders Rome;

Love an Ordain merging two fated souls overriding business assignments,

Had Batool been human would have got long ago! Met not resentments;

Fatima (AS) daughter Prophet Mohd (PBUH) alias Batool, Arabic word,

Urdu, Persian and Virtuous in English, “Paragon of Virtues, “not heard;

Pragmatic salvation is gateway to Batool, hypothesis is never the solution,

Chance of compatibility once lost is for good, never achieve by resolution;

Thereto life akin to repentance, soothe with tears in solitary confinement,

What a music heart instrument! Playing disc of pangs without any voice.

Ignorance impedes heart music gadget at the behest of zoom job choice;

Alcohol-addiction synonym Trust-addiction both yield addicted to vanish,

Alcohol results if fatal liver failure and Trust in love and fiscal tarnish;

Trust addiction invariably eternal, stereotype, Zaffar sustains fester fool,

 Nexus schedule cast wanderer sinner, untouchable for Virtuous Batool;

Virtues analogous to adorer a sinner, realised not falling in love on zoom,

Television is world of show piece, glamour and for simple a sweep broom;

Ignorance assault victim fatal, but, snake bite has “Multivalent Antidote”,

Snake venom not more fatal than ignorance trust venom, survival remote;

Will doctrine based on selfless repose trust barter mutual and reciprocal,

Investor sacrifice last penny on but counterpart expertise go dictatorial;  

Easy to say don’t trust people who change their stance with helpful time,

Faith people whose mode remain alike at barter time not commit crime;

Shall never make her remain butterfly a divine to dwell in gloom, I love,

Had fairy repose trivial trust in me, definitely, wouldn’t have me foxglove.

Media by-and-large “Hellhole” not concerned partner who met accident,

Respectable, upright, clear-cut colleague most celebrated and a decent;

Miss Reham Khan on duty sustained road injury with multiple fractures, 

Media bathed by nude money lust envelop, get an amalgam of strictures


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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