Ignorance to one’s special one adorer is heinous crime and culpable sin,

On Doomsday, God the Almighty shall rebuke failure of fated soul win;

Breached one’s body auto itch the body with own nails metallic sharp,

Scratching the skin as if hundreds sharp razors playing peel off harsh;

Ordain breach ignite scream in so much pain that rest of organs shiver,

Other inhabitant of hell shall get tired and ignorer swim in puss river;

God shall only forgive “Ignorance-champion” if hell mates also pardon,

Slip of Ordain by ignorance to merge by fated soul rob heaven garden;

Virtuous/Batool/Paragon of Virtue ought not to ignore Zaffar, criminal,

God predestined two souls to merge on earth, Batool task can’t annul;

One ought to obey an Ordain, zoom assignments not an excuse sought,

Virtuous soul speaks free without willful disobedience to God lest bloat;

It is born binding rights in all religion to obey God’s Ordain lest Infidel,

Flying like butterfly lacking time, days and rest is not swear stay Fidel;

Zaffar always extend his prayers for most special one, self explanatory,

She knows who is me special one, only my fated soul, union mandatory;

God increase Batool’s vigor, wealth, wisdom, liberty and retain beauty,

Her life be filled with strength, serenity, happiness, blessings and cutie;

Erase her worries, tension, sorrows and enemies and intentness for me,

Love is not commodity one postpones for foreseen, one’s adorer to see;

It is piety one designs for the present, not animal, but human creature,

Scheming thoughts by going sensible lest time and love not get blender;

Love begets love; in divine love ignorance is mode of love reciprocacity,

Lord does His best to those who obeys His union of two souls capacity;

Presently struck up in assignments tantamount to Infidel vulnerability,

Nexus pigeon close eyes when see cat never recue it’s life loosing ability.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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