Why one is born! Come alone making hue and a cry when born,

Survives alone and dies alone, love reciprocated with heart torn;

At birth infant wail, morn loudly as to why enter world of harbor,

Crying is physiological clearance of meconium secretion’s sway,

Obstruct pharynx and larynx thereto vulnerable to chock airway;

Near and dear distribute sweets amongst relative and a neighbor;

New born is Batool, blossoming, pious, blameless and a nascent,

Vulnerable to label as sinner with no charge though sacrosanct;

All over undergo decrease in age nevertheless yearly incremented,

Natural process of age cause cleavage of affairs, get decremented;

In rising of age, parents absorb unrelated queries by satisfy reply,

Query! About none existing thing seeking parents to mind apply;

Crossing aetas perfecta one resists by fight with weapon of tears,

Free from trust get repose, even, in parents who keeps thy cheers;

Enters span of useless deception, gets laughter and odd stupidity,

Variations amongst sweet smile, faith, patience and moving bee;

Adulthood teaches patience, jealousy and communiqué of secret,

Attraction by messaging eyes of fair sex by an iota of second shut;

All these ibid sign and symptoms are vulnerable to befall in love,

When passes this stage fruitless, get encircled by gang of foxglove;

In elderly phase, realise chasing predestined soul, pillar to coast,

Trivial visual meet of Zoom realize Batool as fated Virtuous post;

Be incremented as good deeds by dint of the virtue for Doomsday,

Disobedience to an Ordain made Devil to Satan wandering sleigh;

Aging causes cleavage of affairs thereto self suffered captivation,

Buried covert wear, tear, pangs and lack of Batool’s reservation;

Corpse is silent witness to pangs suffered at the hands of friends,

Near dear, love lost and special one in the attire of money trend;

Face being index of mind blurred, melt in inner core bother none,

Riches do matter God can be bought by clergy sermon; God one.  





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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