Zaffar an blend of sins coded in cachet enshrine in sin how dare Batool,

Virtuous attain by day and night prayers, sinner who seek love are fool;

Ought build three factories ice in brain, sugar in tongue and love in heart,

Called composedness, precursor of love without which lust reign smart;

Had paragon of virtues anchored on moon amidst heaven, sight a moon,

Shed rainbow of tears from pang eyes, heart and brain at verge die soon

Nexus if still if waves of river could hum in one’s ear share pangs choice;

Akin to a flower that die from angry rain, one gets hurt without rejoice;

Love not subservient to colour lines, but, befalls on the first zoom sight,

One feels like spreading wings to fly with special one to a safe sanctuary,

Innumerable ideas never gets pragmatic, one may right poem’s century;

Man proposes, God disposes, only fated souls meet, unilateral love slide,

One’s zoom assignments inattentive in glamour the love chance gets glide;

Truth originates Batool! It was you encircled by stars and moon be virtue,

I kept on treat you an idol moving around but you proved temple statue;

The way you beacon chandler’s divine lights coercing my eye blur sight,

No longer infuriated as am in receipt of stronger by your ignition right;

You can melt a mountain and calm the stormy sea in luminous synergy,

There is no doubt about it that I love you what may come by love energy;

Who denies, your love can free your soul to merge with my soul as fated,

Just an iota of love supersedes twilights of stars and glow of moon rated;

Fire of your love is adequate to unmasks day light by clouds light below, 

If I stand on moon hauling all treasure where we jointly have star glow;

Where is miracle that lift my love’s propose to Batool in the wildered sky,

The love that answer mother’s cry, in my case gloomily failed to have fly. 



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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