Day and night synergism stillness, when the voices are hardly found few,

Pray in “Knee-elbow-forehead”  position before God  to take care of you;

The only unblemished beacon is twilight and flowers bathe in weeping dew,

I implore to Deity to take care of Batool the only Virtuous in world’s crew;

When the sun is sleeping, my eyes weeping, untraceable paragon of virtue, 

World has gone money tilting; moral and ethics transformed into a statue;

“Stones of Ignorance” jamming my love be express thereto divine plan fail,

When the black clouds thunder, my eyes rain tears flowing long junk mail;

Gets engulf in stormy ocean under charged sky smiling my ignorance love,

Pray to God to save pious and nascent Batool from the clutches of foxglove;

Thy akin to high wooden bridge walking always scarring me of a fall down,

I saw an angel hold broken edge of bridge previous to it gets a clampdown;

At times in our lives we think why God is not helping us an access to Batool,

Virtues are incremented through complete divine devotion lest become fool;

Intentness how nice, pious, nascent, and revered it is, world values showoff,

Bighead how solid it is God reckons only virtues which never get write-off;

Brain is very significant part of body remain full of life twenty four hours,

It starts working when one is born and works till one falls in love devours;

Especially, love with paranormal shadow of ignorance faced thereto chased,

Unabated wisdom gets consumed in love lost by ignorance till life is erased;

How brutally goddess treats Zaffar worships her alike culpable ignorance,

Never succumb to ignorance as it is mode of reciprocation with tolerance;

Female is delicate fairy created from rib of Adam and not amalgam of mud,

Bestowed with strong emotions to bear responsibility of man dwell in stud;

To domesticate a man through an education, civilization and replenishment,

Keep society move towards divinity by Batool messiah and not punishment;

God created woman as symbol of His own beauty to absorb a shock sustain,

To solace her partner and family by divine and realistic endurance retain;

Since we met on zoom, thy can’t deny on the face of it not falling in love too,

Zaffar stood ignored rendering him alone facing eternal pain and eyes dew;

Wrapped in blend of pangs reluctant to call Batool, nexus intrinsic worth,

Love matters means sacrifice one’s heart unilaterally loving without dearth,  

Did found I, truth about little bit of love delivered, got an ignorance around,

Little bit of mutual love can ignite spark of lightening merger both bound.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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