How can I pull through Batool, unlimited, “Vision-barrel” of eyes not gun,

Virtuous, sought by good deeds and prays lest doors of hell in no way shun;

Paragon of virtues vested in prophets (PBUT), messiah and genuine saint,

Zaffar is too sinner to have his fated soul behind zoom with chastity paint;

I! Counterpart born much after me though souls predestined for eachother,

Soul kept on nomadic since pillar to post for analogous, not satitied in other;

Without merger by my fairy hearts leftovers awful gloomed by my entity last,

Pixie butterfly’s from zoom to zoom not realising adorer catch fire auto blast;

I can’t odium since I love you! Stationary get away but is defiance to Ordain,

Would opt getaway from ignorance being electricity barbed wire, our restrain;

Undeniably, had died long ago if not met on zoom! How to cut your job shackle,

Befitting in the shoes of assignments, sure to face you repentance as obstacle;

No matter what assignments you’re confronted with at the cost of nascent love,

No one shall ever love you selflessly, world betrays in the of love amid foxglove; 

How long you shall put amid us an, “Ignorance-screen!” Your heart also pang,

But I can’t afford leaving you unmerged with me, sky bells always stood rang;

Your ignorance drive me volatile crazy feat flashpoint  as stand self captivated,

Groomed in mother lap through fairy tales in lullaby and berceuse motivated;

That fairy plunk founded in you as my life sustains installment of viable alone,

The moment realise sanctity of divine and truest love, you’re heat quit drone,

Wished, you would have come out of, “Ignorance quagmire” not meant in life,

Assignments hit the earth running but pause is mandatory to see world strife;

Never did I fall in love in my life, but, Batool to have my doomsday clearance,

In peak of my youth was invariably adored by fairies, avoided love experience;

Ok! Let my soul fly high into an “Eternal hell” for committing a culpable sin,

While already stand punish by you getting thrown in void valley, how to win;

Give me an autonomy not hold me bound(s) as you hate me through ignorance,

What to do, I love you and can’t afford committing “Euthanasia” deliverance;

Keep awaiting in my residual life, definitely, in heaven, we’re destined to merge,

I remain blessed and satied with an Ordain, Why to undergo torture able surge.




One falls in love with mutual sharing of eyes, heart inevitable to perish,

In current scientific era, love got akin to a naked soul, divinity astonish;

Polyvalent anti venom tentatively saves life in all type of snakes bitten,

“Blood-relation-Trust” snake remnants pinch leftover eternally smitten;

No blood relations stronger amongst, during one branch lack conscience,

Relations build by an inadvertence get cemented settle always conscious;

Association, affection and love once settle are better than blood relation;

Cemented during natural instinct absorb ups and down, not sublimation;

All kinds of reciprocal relation are devoid of lust, greed and self obdurate,

Affairs are based on mutual “self worth” not but dogged selfless accurate,

One who breaches trust goes astray riding over innocent vested with trust,

Usurper of inheritance shall never get rich by wandering soul without rest;

So listen up custodian of inheritance! Mr. usurper it’s you I trusted blindly.

Render me life of beggar with notional clothes cover my white-collar sadly;

Feel magic every time pitiful by mom verbal will half an hour before death,

I oath faithfulness to the paradise above in court of God till my last breath;



I make declaration in the Ordain of Almighty Who promised us impartiality,

Depriving of birthright is taken suo moto in holiness established by reality;

Do not be so hard protector lest get broken; not soft as Zaffar to be squeeze,

Usurp truth relics eternal till Doomsday in lullaby, fairytales and berceuse;

I am grateful to God tolerate my fault of being paid usurped of inheritance,

Deprived of Batool or Virtuous! On Day of judgment shall face sin substance. 



It pertains to an era of Ameer-ul-Momineen days in the garb of Prime minister of Pakistan Mr.Nawaz S. at the behest of his younger brother Mr. Shahbaz S. as Vice Roy of Pakistan maneuvered through Professor Dr Shahiryar, Cardiologist violating the maxim,”Dr is next to God, provided he lives and delivers within Medical Ethics”; Judges under the dynamic Leadership of Mr. J. Pious, having Bear (Sunnat-e-Rasool, PBUH) [a symbol of Taliban, too] at Quetta Bench of Supreme Court of Pakistan. Quetta thereto reckoned as “Revolutionary Hub” of gangsters on all fours.

The then Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Sajjad Ali Shah, Syed clan  descendent of Imam Zain-ulAbideen (RA) missed the chance, being simple, innocent, straightforward and upright, when summoned Nawaz S. in the Supreme Court, would have awarded him straightway a sentence of “Sit in till the rise of Court).” Thereto October the 12th proved day of “Battle of Waterloo” for the ruling elites, deserving one. 

Medically, there are two inheritances

1. “Blood Inheritance.”

2. “Acquired Inheritance.”

Acquired Inheritance” malformed into mutation of cancer. Having primary in Superior Judiciary with spread of secondary’s or metastasis in lower judiciary though their salary studded with fringe benefits raised to that of sumptuous luxury stipend of Kings and queens, beyond the imagination of public and masses. Corruption is still in vogue with manifold rise in all categories of Judiciary, requiring Chemotherapy, Radiation and Operation to eliminate the cancer, enabling the masses to have breath of justice.

For good governance Tripod of viability of nation is required:

 1. Honest Judiciary, delivering good governance at gross root level.

2. Honest and upright Establishment.

3. Honest, upright, straightforward, unbiased and God-frightened duty Media.

The third one is playing its role except few on payroll of “Horse-shoe-Trait” nexus judiciary.

Todate, Acquire- Blood is in vogue in all the sectors and institutes with nidus in the hudicia,y,

Feeling insecure by deliverance of truth to the tamed masses by various Zoom Channels, ARY News high ups have been booked under “Terrorist Act,” necessitating a long march from all parts of countries towards Islamabad followed by “Boot March” performing the drastic surgery lest crony channels too have the same faith. The only delinquency on part of ARY Zoom is to strip off the rulers naked, though not bodily, decidedly, deeds and deliverance wise, moral and ethical duty of every channel!

Third election a show of puppets by J. Fakhru Bhai + “Aapuss-ki-Chidya” fame Mr. Najam Sethi; sparrow killing falcon bringing “Horse-shoe-Trait,” in power against Principles of Socrates, 407 BC;  power to cannibal all and sundry masses in Pakistan through kingship qua Ameer-ul-Momineen in the garb of Prime Minister with Vice Roy from Larger Province than whole Pakistan itself. This time kitchen cabinet of their sons to quench thirst from blood of masses to the level of Genghis Khan and Halagu Khan.

Our Nation has gone into Opium Addicts of early China era studded with “Tolerance Addiction.” Thereto Chinese Revolution under the dynamic leadership of Mao-ze-Tung and Chio Enlai. Groups of addicts drowned into the sea with massive slaughtering of rest. Now, that China is on top of USA and Russia, besides, India. China has nexus of fate with Pakistani Brethren.

Immediate public pragmatic protest is called for lest Pakistan become history in archives!!!!!






Dr Zaffar Bukhari.





Man got free from slavery during the Islamic era, Muhammad (PBUH) Prophet,

Equality of human hood stood defined and reckoned irrespective of status/ profit;

Difference between tribe considering an Arab superior to non-Arab was vanished,

Piety set as criteria on Doomsday before God, humanity saved, getting tarnished;

God define clan in Quran, “I have spread you in various tribes, establish identity,” 

Only deeds, bad or good, shall be the norm irrespective of cast and belief certainty;

Bilal was a Negro slave, got untied from shackles of slavery, an honour saying Adaan, 

Sermon in Arabic lingo to call all Muslims to the mosque or at home for female clan;

Saying prayers five times a day with provision of agree to if one gets late say prayer,

Islamic religion made easy going free from burden with no obstacle formed as a stair;

Caliph Umer (RA), declared”If a bitch is found dead at bank of the Euphrates river! 

I shall be held accountable for its death due to hunger! Animals living rights as lever;”

Alas! Socrates epoch reincarnated in Muslim World, kingdoms, especially in Pakistan,

Who preferred taking poison Hemlock over violation doctrine of mental faculty span;

Carpenters, cobblers, barbers, tailors, blacksmith and “Horse-shoe-makers” quality,

Were never vested with Acumenship of ruling the nation as would yield voters guilty;

Agencies of alien countries maneuvered winning of “Horse-shoe-trait!” Ruling elite,

Depriving poor masses of take a breath to live through cannibal and barbarian delete;

Sculpture of grace, beauty, cute, and oceanic eyes was brought in civic sector hospital,

Hazelnut, gazelle and “Mango-sliced-shaped” eyes during movement of lashes capital;

Lying still on her long hair as cover sheet of hospital bed, diagnose suffer renal shunt,

A motherless fairy in late teen bestowed with task of caring younger by living brunt;

Two brothers and three sisters suffering from starvation as father was totally jobless,

She used to feed young sibling at the cost of her meager meals leaving to luck ruthless;

Living in den, a symbol of home, struggle for viability by sacrifice uncountable days,

Sky went in shock, stars lost twilight, moon went in gloom and sun forgot emit rays;

Immediately taken to ICU( Intensive Care Unit), blood urgently screen various test,

BUN ( Blood, Urea and Nitrogen) highly raised to lethal level tentative life stance rest;

Straight away put on Dialysis borrowed from VIP Legislators quota kept in MS room,

Used for only highly placed elite at the cost of Batool Bibi like people with life gloom;

Diagnosed as Uremic Encephalopathy thereto put on Ventilator regime to save life,

Kept on Ventilators for a lot of hours studded with life saving treatment, but strife;

Her misery pangs were taken cognisence by God the Almighty recalling her soul back,

Lion made symbol on paper in the garb of serving deprived masses went into detrack;

Transformed into real lion by cannibal, eating the flesh, sucking blood and Chastity,

In collusion with “Triangle-of-power” at the helm of affairs, Pakistan, sordid reality;

Sovereign blood’s poet Mirza Ghalib lament, “Not all but few flowers got sprouted,”

Blend with underneath the mud, how many cute, graceful and lovely fairies uprooted.




Adam made by God from pious mud, sand and water to absorb shock,

Clay is sign of human, who spends unsure life and buried under rock;

Woman made finer to man as Eve created from rib of clay made Adam,

Angels enough toward worship God bar devil’s quality upheld a random;

Devil confronted with the Ordain to bow before creatures made by God,

Was punished for defiance by Creator of Universe to Satan by lithe rod; 

Moan, bewail, tears, pain, pangs and life of fish without a water confer,

Satan succeeded in detracting Adam via wife Eve violate Ordain defer;

Adam sent on earth hallway on, “Adam’s Peak” in then called Ceylon,

Eve sent to disorientated Arabian land far away with sand dune cyclone;

Love originate through vengeance of Abel among Cain thereto murder,

Making a herald of Forensic sciences valid todate by manifold thunder;

Adam struggled from pillar to post, ultimately got unified with his wife,

Divinity and Satanism concurrently exist, human to differentiate strife;

God’s doors be unlock to shelter human from Satanism, criterion advise,

Proviso of seeking pardon for advertant and inadvertent sins not revise;

Man stands divinely privileged seeking genuine innate matters in a pray,

Gets accredited devoid of utterance of single word though Satan betray;

When one cries in agony, betrayed by Batool, toss like fish by no water,

Relieved of all anguish as Satan’s detracting man efforts get slaughter;

Inadvertent sins when twinge inner core of heart with pinch God forgive,

Knocking forehead in knee-elbow position, mercy gets bestowed positive;

One’s turnout for seeking help from God, complete heartedly accepted, 

Queries sought from divinity are gladly replied by God and nay rejected;

Man takes He provides, when insist upon, at proper time easily provide, 

Everything one does is for one’s own self, God, too similar, never divide;

“Fabi Ayyi Aalaaa’i Rabbikuma Tukazzi Baan;” Quran Surah Rehman ,

What blessings of Allah you man can deny! Here scent Heaven Rehan;

Batool is a qualitative definition, whereas, good deeds are quantitative,

Constant ignorance to Zaffar is a sin never does tantamount qualitative.




Rehamji and Jasmin Manzoor Ji. Non to be blamed, though, I strongly endorse “Legendary Heroine of Valor” Jasmin and “Crusador of Tyranny” Miss Reham their contentions. Very hard to be swallowed by ruling elites and their brethren usurper of “Media Conduct Code” sacrificing fame and chastity on media on the whole.
Has any channel shared the job opportunity with venerated Yasmin or for that matter sided with, at least, morally and ethically, my sister, venerated Reham, who got a new life by inevitable miracle by the Grace of God!!!!!
What drama was played last night, stigmatising Police in particular, besides, IB, ISI Sniper Commandos in general. Better, is should be made mandatory for ibid forces to copy, watch and take lessons from CID & Crime Patrol programmes of India, when, no harm to copy their nude and naked culture. I being a Forensic Scientist watch Indian, these, programmes, which are highly informative consistent with latest scientific achievement of updated era.
SSP Dr Rizwan played a melodrama. Their were many opportunities when pseudo terrorist would have been grabbed with. what about Tranquiliser Gun???? Dr Rizwan be asked to watch Animal Planet and Discovery Channels to learn using of tranquilising bullet!!!
Dragon ( Gen Zia ) has died, may his soul remain in pieces and left dentures eternally alive qua upper or “Maxillary Teeth” is composed of PML-N and lower of “Mandibular Teeth” composed of MQM.
Only Genghis Khan and Halago khan are required to break an amalgam Gen Zia’s teeth and constructing pyramids of Skull of PLN-N and MQM and their castrated cronies to save Pakistan of “Wicked Dragon” on all fours…..burning skull to ashes and from their shalll arise peace, tranquility and harmony.
Maxim,” An army of Sheep commanded by Tiger general shall win the battle, whereas, an army of tigers commanded by Sheep general shall loose the Battle”\
Dr Zaffar Bukhari.



Ignorance torture lover nexus fish without water, captivated in a home,

Ignites sky high fire melt both hearts, Nero plays flute till cinders Rome;

Love an Ordain merging two fated souls overriding business assignments,

Had Batool been human would have got long ago! Met not resentments;

Fatima (AS) daughter Prophet Mohd (PBUH) alias Batool, Arabic word,

Urdu, Persian and Virtuous in English, “Paragon of Virtues, “not heard;

Pragmatic salvation is gateway to Batool, hypothesis is never the solution,

Chance of compatibility once lost is for good, never achieve by resolution;

Thereto life akin to repentance, soothe with tears in solitary confinement,

What a music heart instrument! Playing disc of pangs without any voice.

Ignorance impedes heart music gadget at the behest of zoom job choice;

Alcohol-addiction synonym Trust-addiction both yield addicted to vanish,

Alcohol results if fatal liver failure and Trust in love and fiscal tarnish;

Trust addiction invariably eternal, stereotype, Zaffar sustains fester fool,

 Nexus schedule cast wanderer sinner, untouchable for Virtuous Batool;

Virtues analogous to adorer a sinner, realised not falling in love on zoom,

Television is world of show piece, glamour and for simple a sweep broom;

Ignorance assault victim fatal, but, snake bite has “Multivalent Antidote”,

Snake venom not more fatal than ignorance trust venom, survival remote;

Will doctrine based on selfless repose trust barter mutual and reciprocal,

Investor sacrifice last penny on but counterpart expertise go dictatorial;  

Easy to say don’t trust people who change their stance with helpful time,

Faith people whose mode remain alike at barter time not commit crime;

Shall never make her remain butterfly a divine to dwell in gloom, I love,

Had fairy repose trivial trust in me, definitely, wouldn’t have me foxglove.

Media by-and-large “Hellhole” not concerned partner who met accident,

Respectable, upright, clear-cut colleague most celebrated and a decent;

Miss Reham Khan on duty sustained road injury with multiple fractures, 

Media bathed by nude money lust envelop, get an amalgam of strictures


Ignorance to one’s special one adorer is heinous crime and culpable sin,

On Doomsday, God the Almighty shall rebuke failure of fated soul win;

Breached one’s body auto itch the body with own nails metallic sharp,

Scratching the skin as if hundreds sharp razors playing peel off harsh;

Ordain breach ignite scream in so much pain that rest of organs shiver,

Other inhabitant of hell shall get tired and ignorer swim in puss river;

God shall only forgive “Ignorance-champion” if hell mates also pardon,

Slip of Ordain by ignorance to merge by fated soul rob heaven garden;

Virtuous/Batool/Paragon of Virtue ought not to ignore Zaffar, criminal,

God predestined two souls to merge on earth, Batool task can’t annul;

One ought to obey an Ordain, zoom assignments not an excuse sought,

Virtuous soul speaks free without willful disobedience to God lest bloat;

It is born binding rights in all religion to obey God’s Ordain lest Infidel,

Flying like butterfly lacking time, days and rest is not swear stay Fidel;

Zaffar always extend his prayers for most special one, self explanatory,

She knows who is me special one, only my fated soul, union mandatory;

God increase Batool’s vigor, wealth, wisdom, liberty and retain beauty,

Her life be filled with strength, serenity, happiness, blessings and cutie;

Erase her worries, tension, sorrows and enemies and intentness for me,

Love is not commodity one postpones for foreseen, one’s adorer to see;

It is piety one designs for the present, not animal, but human creature,

Scheming thoughts by going sensible lest time and love not get blender;

Love begets love; in divine love ignorance is mode of love reciprocacity,

Lord does His best to those who obeys His union of two souls capacity;

Presently struck up in assignments tantamount to Infidel vulnerability,

Nexus pigeon close eyes when see cat never recue it’s life loosing ability.



Why one is born! Come alone making hue and a cry when born,

Survives alone and dies alone, love reciprocated with heart torn;

At birth infant wail, morn loudly as to why enter world of harbor,

Crying is physiological clearance of meconium secretion’s sway,

Obstruct pharynx and larynx thereto vulnerable to chock airway;

Near and dear distribute sweets amongst relative and a neighbor;

New born is Batool, blossoming, pious, blameless and a nascent,

Vulnerable to label as sinner with no charge though sacrosanct;

All over undergo decrease in age nevertheless yearly incremented,

Natural process of age cause cleavage of affairs, get decremented;

In rising of age, parents absorb unrelated queries by satisfy reply,

Query! About none existing thing seeking parents to mind apply;

Crossing aetas perfecta one resists by fight with weapon of tears,

Free from trust get repose, even, in parents who keeps thy cheers;

Enters span of useless deception, gets laughter and odd stupidity,

Variations amongst sweet smile, faith, patience and moving bee;

Adulthood teaches patience, jealousy and communiqué of secret,

Attraction by messaging eyes of fair sex by an iota of second shut;

All these ibid sign and symptoms are vulnerable to befall in love,

When passes this stage fruitless, get encircled by gang of foxglove;

In elderly phase, realise chasing predestined soul, pillar to coast,

Trivial visual meet of Zoom realize Batool as fated Virtuous post;

Be incremented as good deeds by dint of the virtue for Doomsday,

Disobedience to an Ordain made Devil to Satan wandering sleigh;

Aging causes cleavage of affairs thereto self suffered captivation,

Buried covert wear, tear, pangs and lack of Batool’s reservation;

Corpse is silent witness to pangs suffered at the hands of friends,

Near dear, love lost and special one in the attire of money trend;

Face being index of mind blurred, melt in inner core bother none,

Riches do matter God can be bought by clergy sermon; God one.  





Zaffar an blend of sins coded in cachet enshrine in sin how dare Batool,

Virtuous attain by day and night prayers, sinner who seek love are fool;

Ought build three factories ice in brain, sugar in tongue and love in heart,

Called composedness, precursor of love without which lust reign smart;

Had paragon of virtues anchored on moon amidst heaven, sight a moon,

Shed rainbow of tears from pang eyes, heart and brain at verge die soon

Nexus if still if waves of river could hum in one’s ear share pangs choice;

Akin to a flower that die from angry rain, one gets hurt without rejoice;

Love not subservient to colour lines, but, befalls on the first zoom sight,

One feels like spreading wings to fly with special one to a safe sanctuary,

Innumerable ideas never gets pragmatic, one may right poem’s century;

Man proposes, God disposes, only fated souls meet, unilateral love slide,

One’s zoom assignments inattentive in glamour the love chance gets glide;

Truth originates Batool! It was you encircled by stars and moon be virtue,

I kept on treat you an idol moving around but you proved temple statue;

The way you beacon chandler’s divine lights coercing my eye blur sight,

No longer infuriated as am in receipt of stronger by your ignition right;

You can melt a mountain and calm the stormy sea in luminous synergy,

There is no doubt about it that I love you what may come by love energy;

Who denies, your love can free your soul to merge with my soul as fated,

Just an iota of love supersedes twilights of stars and glow of moon rated;

Fire of your love is adequate to unmasks day light by clouds light below, 

If I stand on moon hauling all treasure where we jointly have star glow;

Where is miracle that lift my love’s propose to Batool in the wildered sky,

The love that answer mother’s cry, in my case gloomily failed to have fly.