Soul can be perceived by predestined counterpart to share interact forever,

Lest both wander in vacuum abysmally in limbo panging  for merger augur;

Our souls were caught up and lost  entire of our vices in fairy’s assignments,

Numerous being chop down with naught to illustrate but goddess ailments;

Fortification of love analogous to tumbling down in divinity we love selfless,

On a zoom ( TV Channel) our love grew but assignments made me restless;

“Ignorance Clouds” roll over love pyramid bringing darkness in my entity,

Where! I fell in love by you, flash of lightening is rubble or sins certainty;

Ever get the feeling when met Zaffar for the first time, you abruptly clicked,

This Hadith patently states that our souls were already fated not be pricked;

We met at a place Zoom God knows long before we were born for a merger,

Prophet of God (PBUH) said, “Souls are like crowds which gather together,

The who fated shall get along well irrespective of ignorance, as viable  aider;

Souls who did not match before (Heaven) can’t get very well go and detach,

Sometimes souls become victim of mistiming thereto wander till be attach;

Holy is an adorer upholding divinity and respect of special one till his death,

Remember! Day of judgment in purview, his Virtuous deeds not in dearth;

Contented happily thankful with ignorance of Batool, as God has destined,

Remain caring, adoring and nurturing her pleasing as his fate predestined;

I perceive a luminosity in the sky nearly blinding me by merger of our soul,

Believe being touched by an angel chandelling as stars twilight diverse role;

One’s ego becomes own enemy who doesn’t get hold love anchor linchpin,

Never do accept being fallen in love, counter feelings rather ignorance pin;

Sharing interaction of love destined souls may not remain covert sky deep,

Mutual love is always under an Ordain of God professed eyes vision peep;

Love auto flux into selfless pious worship and not and not lust of playboy,

True love is victim of torture with “Ignorance-Reap” being taken kid’s toy;

In the “Divine-Love” both lovemaker nickname millionaire, free of money,   

Love renders homeless, nomad, roving and struck in depth quagmire achy;

Not akin to mercy! Punished by ignorance with no complain and live by it,

Ignorance gets transformed into eternal agony, reason violate God’s Writ.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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