Even then love you more under an Ordain of God who not fated ignorance,

Our union before souls touched earth tied by eternal bond blend tolerance;

For whatever you treat me otherwise is form of love signal unite conducive,

Inspite of loving you through your zoom days assignments adore exclusive;

Treated me right in craze with you! Without which no love jointly tenable,

Reckon me your adorer in absentia yet fight with ignorance not reasonable;

You make me high with abrupt down, set me free deny me an eternal bond,

World never was, decidedly, scientifically proven from its creation as round

So does lover is devoid of ego and self-respect by hand facing sky upward,

Love a house of cards play by gold worth barter sacrifice kneel downward;

Universe transformed love to a business commodity, unaware, divine value,

Chastity proportional to cost and morality; traits, kin and ego stood adieu;

A value which no conscience bearing lover can afford as coins be vulgarity,

God destined souls for union free from cast, age and marital status reality;

Earmarked fated two souls stand create an eternal lest abysmally wander,

Fairy in Batool unaware of Will of God! Struck in few assignments wonder;

Though understands love and its divinity but never read its being a pious,

One who accepts reality of love, finds thyself an intellectual not suspicious;

Before love-moment lost igniting fear, fright, apprehension and reluctance,

Such moments are passing off through the time not rejuvenate substance;

Wished I could run away from flux breaking shackles you put around me,

Fail to rely my logic, love purviews beyond logic into darkness without see;

 No matter how much you drive crazy to Zaffar, he would survive all alone,

Though life would eternally be empty with voice of live drums by cyclone;

When you get composed by away from assignments on zoom anchorperson,

Shall realise with repentance that not to reciprocate was an Ordain treason;

Decidedly, I can never live without you as is destined by Lord qua we met,

Can’t imagine of reciprocating love, hang about as your prerogative to set;

Since we stood zoomed you fester me saddened influx of ignorance survive,

Made me mad with an electric shock of constantly “long-for-you” by revive;

Make me covertly cry par excellence death without realise time and the tide,

Never found eternal once gone can’t be caught by as horse to have a ride;

Forgotten when did I laugh, you always make me shed tears, busy in task,

Unrewarding assignments of yours are my adversary vulnerable to unmask;

Neither sun nor moon sky everlasting, your job vulnerable to reassignment,

Love is divine assignment Ordained by none other but God, our sentiment.   





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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