Dignity and self-respect; Zaffar! Got lost in loving Batool my divine goddess,

Forgot paragon of virtue still girl(nascent one) not of major age and a aegis;

How can I make happy outside my purview! Yield one who makes you happy,

My adore ignites an outburst of laughter in your entity, my love not a baggy;

Firmly anchored if flux of our predestined souls on earth among conviction;

Ensuing tomorrows related to merger as single “Ordained Unit,” no friction;

Am vested by complete trust and faith bowing before Lord to accept decision,

My globe rest on a string around finger sit on a rainbow, no option of revision;

What a world! What a life! Am in love with Batool shining example of virtues,

Worshipper do expect through absolute faith devoting confine temple statues;

Love does not befall via mutual vision interactions but embedded in the heart,

Those who catch divine moment are called pious lovers, vegetate veto smart;

Life is, too, short to start with repairing the broken pieces of yesterday afresh,

I intend to destroy your wonderful today holding hand-in-hand lot of refresh;

Life doesn’t pertain to “Zoom Channel” homework but innate nature Ordain,

Except Virgin Mary, each and every fairy ought to yield to her adorer sustain;

In superior precise era man reached Moon and Mars, unable to hold the time,

Not availed fated relations swamp wail and moan sung in lullaby and rhyme;

All men invariably play game of lust barter with greed satiety of the recipient,

Played at different levels indulging in same hell though actors using figment;

Crux deliver ruination of chastity of virtue ablaze the entity called a modern,

Different labels code as models, anchor and pageants going through a cistern;

How people forget their special one, Oh God, after spending their lives selfless,

Snatch memoir of Zaffar to forget Batool, he nexus fish without water restless.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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