What decree? With firm oath to deliver Fidelity but deduce urge mortal body,

If it be love! Then how dare lust in purview when adore is selfless and hardy;

How strange befalls my covert heart deep in valley of loneliness darkening soul,

Infinite are near dear, light is not from twinkle stars, decidedly, moon console;

Life of mine sturdy for my special one in Batool a naïve within my flux eternal,

Without fractional resistance yet yield getting smitten by assignment’s aerial;

She enquired, me as to how far I cross the limits to have her in my heartwood,

Had limits crossing be the criteria! Would have long ago in my heart boxwood;

Can I fight my case of being victim of Batool’s ignorance there lies no appeal,

My heart her counsel, my life her orthodox witness, an ordinance yet to repeal;

Weird gone my world! Once my special one’s entity reign my soul and a heart,

Deserted my ego and get me “self scavenge “nexus Houbara Bustard not smart;

Flying in sky lullaby aloud weird, wail, moan with ruthless ablaze nonstop cry,

Ignorance by Virtuous swamp each and every fading heart beat by a pang defy;

Loving her within four corners of divinity devoid pump-and-show of currency,

Everything about love struggle linchpin by an Ordain to flourish with decency;

One adoring, while, the other ignoring never part of predestined souls union,

One thing sure that God Has already fated their merger on earth in reunion;

Decidedly, Zaffar keeps loving as long as he lives and beyond in eternal span,

Professional lovers pierce through chastity by lust unabated without love plan;

One whose anger steadily rises in “love ignorance “to abrupt a shoot millstone,

Love is absorption of shock-syndrome by patience is at the verge of a cyclone;

I cry on your ignorance, comfort you, I vanish, you enjoy my screams pleasure,

It’s Ordain in life reciprocated by your “ignorance-craze” though displeasure;

When you pierced deep through zoom channel via eyes into my fragile entity,

Not realising my stand by you like rock to uphold you in sickness by certainty;

 Suck your each and every drop of tear by grab in my arms to avert your fear,

Walk into our festering world, do search for a reason not get my emotion tear;

Somebody hurt your emotions, now, need one well versed by your fester pang,

Can hold my hand, when, you feel like as can’t go alone without mutual hang;

You live in me before we got born to stand hand-in-hand as our mutual voyage,

Lick all our tears in situ before get dropped in your lap, fate not iota abridge.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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