It is mutual-n-reciprocal during accidental vision swap between two individual soul,

Ignorance by either matching part constant over time give rise to a malignant mole;

Free from fright, panic, tension and coercion one befalls in deep abysmal love valley,

Victim once casualty of dreadful isolation with no rescue operation settles beastly;

“Horse can be brought to pond of water but can’t be persuaded to drink the water,”

Old is gold, dictum stand prove, so does ignorance exhibit by fairy specially anchor;

Fated matter based on moral, ethical, divine and conscience concern is voluntary,

What a spiritual investment transpire like flash of lightening burning both blindly;

“Extremely sensitive divine investor signal “oral”, “visual” and “ignorance” stimuli,

Zaffar fell hurt enwrought in “Ignorance of Batool”, unable to  prove his lust alibi;

Sometimes I am frightened Virtuous in my unilateral and destined eternal worship,

Volunteer on Oath before God am ready to acquire command of love by hardship;

Love is the only divine barter enter under an Ordain by seeding souls predestined,

Am not similar to lustful greed, converging on “Conscience-Phone” not bargained;

Ringing in two coded hearts steadily resonating to ebb of success by final achieve,

Offbeat “Zoom-Channel, “build a pyramid of library by laying base of stale books,

Keep monitor of books outside purview of “Heart-Book” during hide cardiac hook;

Untouched studies nexus fall in dark valley labeled “Donkey-Load!” Not a wisdom,

Hardly an rational, nexus butterfly ignorant of abstract insight of love, like anthem;

Love not vested in “Romance-Books,” to mug up by heart! Pragmatic relationship!

Share interaction of selfless die-hard pangs getting transformed into book tear ship;

Book worms can’t be appreciative of sweetness of love remain solitary in abysmal,

Entice with mushroom-tentacles by “Ignorance-Cuscuta” by a chlorophyll dismal;

Zaffar who doesn’t like an acquaintance with you, what expectation of relationship,

Need not to follow may be goddess Batool; Virtuous deeds not akin to sublimation.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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