Had a pang! One day my special one shall walk with me adoring selfless,

Our destined merger fated Ordain of God, ignorance make me restless;

Stroll in depth within blue sky, seducing moon by an alluring love in you,

Follow eachother as thick and thin blend till Dooms day like leaflet glue;

Never return to earth, remain dwellers of galaxies by no map and guide,

Save our nexus during voyage where exist voices of our forefather’s ride;

Faces lack an outline, nor vision to see nor lips to speak yet a shade glide,

You be my soul to see me listen their call lest lose the bond of love slide;

Can’t drift along without you through moonbeam’s  path by arm sustain,

Mutual joint life pivot about linchpin through no iota of trivial restrain;

From where you, Batool, won’t leave Zaffar at cost of your assignment,

Minus is lethal slow poison ample to euthanasia not Islamic realignment;

Very few people accept the reality of being fallen in love qua get defame,

Their love pang hang atop of pyramid at flashpoint volcano nexus name;

Hardly realize divinity coded true, pious, nascent and selfless love format,

Blaming honesty without substance nexus placard by negative accelerate;

Covertly all and sundry discuss love of Virtuous and Victor by no logic,

Lovers never murder love, prefer worshiping love boast sacrifice tragic;

All conventions, customs, norms, ages and marital status not an embargo,

Pierces the anomalous covered passage with sailing of divine love cargo.   




Seek one pray for Batool from the Creator that in moments you’re happy,

Remain mute eternally to keep you happy, those moment ever be balmy;

When I fell in love with Virtuous on zoom, it anchored my heart forever,

Was eternally head over heels in love with imagination nexus fox clever;

Divine love is at the verge of extinguish before trivial initiation nay begun,

Volley of moon light kisses cooled in warmth of sun with love craze shun;

Let us barter our heart’s reveal and secret pangs tonight, drowning in sea,

Never felt before holding your hand tenderly, you never got it free to be;

Dig out what is beneath you ignorance, ever; doubt you don’t have heart,

Mode you make me feel is not, “King treats a king like a king!”nix smart;

In frozen vicious cycle of our love I’ve been sheltering in shade of dream,

Timidly could climb over rainbow green line but your ignorance extreme;

Never faced by reciprocacity of love by ignorance make living vegetable,

Having my life nexus fish without water hitherto cope with eternal muffle;

Feel sure now, we’re behind divine closed doors the way you’ve attention,

When we coddle in solitude, make a man out of me! Lost hope retention;

May be the last moment lest I succumb to your ignorance, you lose adorer,

Get blend into amalgam by execution of Ordain complete, avoid explorer;

I never had my heart away from you throbbing with your heart ignorance,

You got lost in tender emotions too but your ignorance beyond tolerance;

Love though divine changed into a pragmatic and sacred you can’t deny,

Not forfeit mutual shared, pious, true and worship but you’ve bird’s-eye;

Every breath Zaffar takes is owing your ventilator finding you inside me,

Each night I recline hastily get awoke from sleepless dream each time see.





Soul can be perceived by predestined counterpart to share interact forever,

Lest both wander in vacuum abysmally in limbo panging  for merger augur;

Our souls were caught up and lost  entire of our vices in fairy’s assignments,

Numerous being chop down with naught to illustrate but goddess ailments;

Fortification of love analogous to tumbling down in divinity we love selfless,

On a zoom ( TV Channel) our love grew but assignments made me restless;

“Ignorance Clouds” roll over love pyramid bringing darkness in my entity,

Where! I fell in love by you, flash of lightening is rubble or sins certainty;

Ever get the feeling when met Zaffar for the first time, you abruptly clicked,

This Hadith patently states that our souls were already fated not be pricked;

We met at a place Zoom God knows long before we were born for a merger,

Prophet of God (PBUH) said, “Souls are like crowds which gather together,

The who fated shall get along well irrespective of ignorance, as viable  aider;

Souls who did not match before (Heaven) can’t get very well go and detach,

Sometimes souls become victim of mistiming thereto wander till be attach;

Holy is an adorer upholding divinity and respect of special one till his death,

Remember! Day of judgment in purview, his Virtuous deeds not in dearth;

Contented happily thankful with ignorance of Batool, as God has destined,

Remain caring, adoring and nurturing her pleasing as his fate predestined;

I perceive a luminosity in the sky nearly blinding me by merger of our soul,

Believe being touched by an angel chandelling as stars twilight diverse role;

One’s ego becomes own enemy who doesn’t get hold love anchor linchpin,

Never do accept being fallen in love, counter feelings rather ignorance pin;

Sharing interaction of love destined souls may not remain covert sky deep,

Mutual love is always under an Ordain of God professed eyes vision peep;

Love auto flux into selfless pious worship and not and not lust of playboy,

True love is victim of torture with “Ignorance-Reap” being taken kid’s toy;

In the “Divine-Love” both lovemaker nickname millionaire, free of money,   

Love renders homeless, nomad, roving and struck in depth quagmire achy;

Not akin to mercy! Punished by ignorance with no complain and live by it,

Ignorance gets transformed into eternal agony, reason violate God’s Writ.




When you returned in flux of my notional life now, today and ensuing night,

I need you to stay, await with open arms to share love in a divinity upright;

Nothing to screen again in the garb of assignments, pledge honour chastity,

Believe me in the name of God, divine love to me is safety of renown satiety;

Deceitful may not accrue in dark here, get our heartbeats palpate mutual,

Tenderly share interact our whispers binding you eternally through ritual;

How could our love be blind when ignorance is positive sign of love receipt,

We voyaged jointly drifting ups and downs holding hand-in-hand no deceit;

At this peak of vital point in time,  you are by my side, dare not to partway,

My arms forever stay open to catch and hold by eternal blocking archway;

Believe me Batool! What I say is on Oath before God destining us to unite,

What your love is to Zaffar, lacking you heart is in darkness no way ignite;

 Heart is empty house of cards, seem so frozen to hold on you for a warmth,

Afford not grabbing you near to prove validity of my love lest slip in wrath;

Look at me! Always have been searching my fated soul from pillar to post,

I stand lost in tsunami of ignorance finding residual tenable life as ghost;

Seduce my mind you can have my body touch my soul to dwell in it forever,

Who has told you that love is lust with loss of fame, ego and chastity abner?




Khanji because of you a pretext was created thereto APC stood deferred. Your excuse for not attending the important, vital and lethal conference stood sprouting “shower-of-lies” as shown with critical appraisal on ARY News Channel at pm in Pakistan. Looking over hale and hearty in company of Prince Charles and his wife, holding goblet in left hand drinking what…..! Putting up sumptuous suit with bow and here in Pakistan exhibiting cotton national dress ( Khaddar Poush). You stood depicted as an elephant having two set of dentures, one for eating and the other for cheating/show off.
being criticized of you….challenging Drone attacks etc. run away from meeting in which you expected to play pivotal role…..Rome was burning rather Pakistan is burning and Hero Imran Khan playing flute. Bravo Captain!!!!!
Dr Zaffar Bukhari.


Even then love you more under an Ordain of God who not fated ignorance,

Our union before souls touched earth tied by eternal bond blend tolerance;

For whatever you treat me otherwise is form of love signal unite conducive,

Inspite of loving you through your zoom days assignments adore exclusive;

Treated me right in craze with you! Without which no love jointly tenable,

Reckon me your adorer in absentia yet fight with ignorance not reasonable;

You make me high with abrupt down, set me free deny me an eternal bond,

World never was, decidedly, scientifically proven from its creation as round

So does lover is devoid of ego and self-respect by hand facing sky upward,

Love a house of cards play by gold worth barter sacrifice kneel downward;

Universe transformed love to a business commodity, unaware, divine value,

Chastity proportional to cost and morality; traits, kin and ego stood adieu;

A value which no conscience bearing lover can afford as coins be vulgarity,

God destined souls for union free from cast, age and marital status reality;

Earmarked fated two souls stand create an eternal lest abysmally wander,

Fairy in Batool unaware of Will of God! Struck in few assignments wonder;

Though understands love and its divinity but never read its being a pious,

One who accepts reality of love, finds thyself an intellectual not suspicious;

Before love-moment lost igniting fear, fright, apprehension and reluctance,

Such moments are passing off through the time not rejuvenate substance;

Wished I could run away from flux breaking shackles you put around me,

Fail to rely my logic, love purviews beyond logic into darkness without see;

 No matter how much you drive crazy to Zaffar, he would survive all alone,

Though life would eternally be empty with voice of live drums by cyclone;

When you get composed by away from assignments on zoom anchorperson,

Shall realise with repentance that not to reciprocate was an Ordain treason;

Decidedly, I can never live without you as is destined by Lord qua we met,

Can’t imagine of reciprocating love, hang about as your prerogative to set;

Since we stood zoomed you fester me saddened influx of ignorance survive,

Made me mad with an electric shock of constantly “long-for-you” by revive;

Make me covertly cry par excellence death without realise time and the tide,

Never found eternal once gone can’t be caught by as horse to have a ride;

Forgotten when did I laugh, you always make me shed tears, busy in task,

Unrewarding assignments of yours are my adversary vulnerable to unmask;

Neither sun nor moon sky everlasting, your job vulnerable to reassignment,

Love is divine assignment Ordained by none other but God, our sentiment.   





Dignity and self-respect; Zaffar! Got lost in loving Batool my divine goddess,

Forgot paragon of virtue still girl(nascent one) not of major age and a aegis;

How can I make happy outside my purview! Yield one who makes you happy,

My adore ignites an outburst of laughter in your entity, my love not a baggy;

Firmly anchored if flux of our predestined souls on earth among conviction;

Ensuing tomorrows related to merger as single “Ordained Unit,” no friction;

Am vested by complete trust and faith bowing before Lord to accept decision,

My globe rest on a string around finger sit on a rainbow, no option of revision;

What a world! What a life! Am in love with Batool shining example of virtues,

Worshipper do expect through absolute faith devoting confine temple statues;

Love does not befall via mutual vision interactions but embedded in the heart,

Those who catch divine moment are called pious lovers, vegetate veto smart;

Life is, too, short to start with repairing the broken pieces of yesterday afresh,

I intend to destroy your wonderful today holding hand-in-hand lot of refresh;

Life doesn’t pertain to “Zoom Channel” homework but innate nature Ordain,

Except Virgin Mary, each and every fairy ought to yield to her adorer sustain;

In superior precise era man reached Moon and Mars, unable to hold the time,

Not availed fated relations swamp wail and moan sung in lullaby and rhyme;

All men invariably play game of lust barter with greed satiety of the recipient,

Played at different levels indulging in same hell though actors using figment;

Crux deliver ruination of chastity of virtue ablaze the entity called a modern,

Different labels code as models, anchor and pageants going through a cistern;

How people forget their special one, Oh God, after spending their lives selfless,

Snatch memoir of Zaffar to forget Batool, he nexus fish without water restless.




What decree? With firm oath to deliver Fidelity but deduce urge mortal body,

If it be love! Then how dare lust in purview when adore is selfless and hardy;

How strange befalls my covert heart deep in valley of loneliness darkening soul,

Infinite are near dear, light is not from twinkle stars, decidedly, moon console;

Life of mine sturdy for my special one in Batool a naïve within my flux eternal,

Without fractional resistance yet yield getting smitten by assignment’s aerial;

She enquired, me as to how far I cross the limits to have her in my heartwood,

Had limits crossing be the criteria! Would have long ago in my heart boxwood;

Can I fight my case of being victim of Batool’s ignorance there lies no appeal,

My heart her counsel, my life her orthodox witness, an ordinance yet to repeal;

Weird gone my world! Once my special one’s entity reign my soul and a heart,

Deserted my ego and get me “self scavenge “nexus Houbara Bustard not smart;

Flying in sky lullaby aloud weird, wail, moan with ruthless ablaze nonstop cry,

Ignorance by Virtuous swamp each and every fading heart beat by a pang defy;

Loving her within four corners of divinity devoid pump-and-show of currency,

Everything about love struggle linchpin by an Ordain to flourish with decency;

One adoring, while, the other ignoring never part of predestined souls union,

One thing sure that God Has already fated their merger on earth in reunion;

Decidedly, Zaffar keeps loving as long as he lives and beyond in eternal span,

Professional lovers pierce through chastity by lust unabated without love plan;

One whose anger steadily rises in “love ignorance “to abrupt a shoot millstone,

Love is absorption of shock-syndrome by patience is at the verge of a cyclone;

I cry on your ignorance, comfort you, I vanish, you enjoy my screams pleasure,

It’s Ordain in life reciprocated by your “ignorance-craze” though displeasure;

When you pierced deep through zoom channel via eyes into my fragile entity,

Not realising my stand by you like rock to uphold you in sickness by certainty;

 Suck your each and every drop of tear by grab in my arms to avert your fear,

Walk into our festering world, do search for a reason not get my emotion tear;

Somebody hurt your emotions, now, need one well versed by your fester pang,

Can hold my hand, when, you feel like as can’t go alone without mutual hang;

You live in me before we got born to stand hand-in-hand as our mutual voyage,

Lick all our tears in situ before get dropped in your lap, fate not iota abridge.




It is mutual-n-reciprocal during accidental vision swap between two individual soul,

Ignorance by either matching part constant over time give rise to a malignant mole;

Free from fright, panic, tension and coercion one befalls in deep abysmal love valley,

Victim once casualty of dreadful isolation with no rescue operation settles beastly;

“Horse can be brought to pond of water but can’t be persuaded to drink the water,”

Old is gold, dictum stand prove, so does ignorance exhibit by fairy specially anchor;

Fated matter based on moral, ethical, divine and conscience concern is voluntary,

What a spiritual investment transpire like flash of lightening burning both blindly;

“Extremely sensitive divine investor signal “oral”, “visual” and “ignorance” stimuli,

Zaffar fell hurt enwrought in “Ignorance of Batool”, unable to  prove his lust alibi;

Sometimes I am frightened Virtuous in my unilateral and destined eternal worship,

Volunteer on Oath before God am ready to acquire command of love by hardship;

Love is the only divine barter enter under an Ordain by seeding souls predestined,

Am not similar to lustful greed, converging on “Conscience-Phone” not bargained;

Ringing in two coded hearts steadily resonating to ebb of success by final achieve,

Offbeat “Zoom-Channel, “build a pyramid of library by laying base of stale books,

Keep monitor of books outside purview of “Heart-Book” during hide cardiac hook;

Untouched studies nexus fall in dark valley labeled “Donkey-Load!” Not a wisdom,

Hardly an rational, nexus butterfly ignorant of abstract insight of love, like anthem;

Love not vested in “Romance-Books,” to mug up by heart! Pragmatic relationship!

Share interaction of selfless die-hard pangs getting transformed into book tear ship;

Book worms can’t be appreciative of sweetness of love remain solitary in abysmal,

Entice with mushroom-tentacles by “Ignorance-Cuscuta” by a chlorophyll dismal;

Zaffar who doesn’t like an acquaintance with you, what expectation of relationship,

Need not to follow may be goddess Batool; Virtuous deeds not akin to sublimation.