Time and again emphasized Batool not “Living thing,” decidedly, paragon of Virtue,

Had she been creature! Would’ve got her seduced by alluring worship as my statue;

Life! Grave persevere that there is bare darkness in its lap, entrant bring own light,

Its mud, precursor of man, stranger do bring a double bed and clothing’s downright;

There reins inhospitableness to cope by existence, do bring groups of chanting friends,

Snakes, Scorpios and Maggots to dwell with, who so ever comes, not leave is trends;

Birds sitting on twigs of tress represent Ordain of God, not afraid of branch breaking,

Decidedly, vested with trust not passive to branch but its own wings ready tracking;

One ought to believe in Might of God as He hides delinquency of man being merciful,

Birds are true followers of God in letter and spirit, whereas, man never feel regretful;

Love does stuff, not evaluated on pendulum of “See-Saw” cleavage between two ends,

Oscillation of life beacons as natural process, gets a detracts men being void friends;

Callously hurts with festering maim when Virtuous attacks with weapon of ignorance,

Who got reserved an eternal birth before coming to fatal world, life wrap tolerance;

Pangs increment with every moment of passing time yield to intellectual faculty grow,

Self mushroomed adversary play the role of negative ensure prick of poisonous arrow;

Success always take the side of those devoid of soft corner through ruthless vigilance,

The worst lethal weapon can’t veneer the assault with “Ignorance” fester grievance;

Vested through groom in the lap of a mother , stretch hand by palm facing upward, 

God is the only Messiah soothing dorsal surface of hand, as palm facing downward;

 Pity on beings not aware of natural phenomenon that life nexus tiny bubble of water,

Hercules and Gladiators rein by massacre of humanity, their entity got a slaughter;

Heroic is one crusading against tribulations of their own self restraint with persevere,

Beacon through patience of covert ego, firm trust and faith in God’s eternal endear;

Avoids reaching the fits of with self control, rage by mixing bad words with bad mood,

One vulnerable to many opportunity changes but nay ever akin to tint rude accrued;

Shall never get an iota of event to reserve word one spoke as dialect lancet via teeth,

Tongue delivering words through barrier of teeth like an arrow hitting heart beneath.


About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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