Eyes opened with persisting loneliness, so does, Batool committed to assignments reap,

Thorny to enshrine in paragon of virtue, confront with uphill task reciprocated by weep;  

Every night lying on lonely capacious bed, through ceiling, talk to a elfin twinkling star,

Keep on pretending mirror-image nexus every entity mimic your, even, playing a guitar;

Faraway never reply to my tender quarry as if you are playing me through “see-n-saw,”

I reseated at one end, you at the other fickle ups and downs nexus my heart’s  withdraw;

Before inflicting covert whiplash, be careful, the victim is not one fallen in timeless love,

Be seducing you mind, adoring your body, search your soul to stay forever not foxglove;

Ought to avoid tint with preemptive negative opinion formed, censure unheard chastity,

May not have repeated action during repeat as I, too, have a tender heart by a certainty;

In a love market diamonds are seen at chuck away prices, in heap, selling awfully cheap,

Rubies sold in bulk nexus thing on orthodox weighing balance lying in one pan not reap;

Flowers taken symbol of luck in West and sign of bad omen in East, mocker nature joke,

Typically wisdom just purviews psyche of human without passing diagnostic self revoke;

Eyes stand fixed staring at behind screen, watching and search my love twittering a sky,

Without a word utter and in depth vigilant, the less I speak more await Virtuous do fly;

Hardly nearby to my worship, what to talk of return which stand rescind in an advance,

Seldom comments covert and overt tattooing my grey matter to have her at least glance;

Birds are true lovemaking victims to fade away infinitively fulfill prerequisite as forfeit,

It is not love lust by bodily satiety as flowers change colors, our eyes rework no retreat;

Contentment ill-treated me since earth formed enwrapped in pangs by festering wound,

In danger losing myself merging in someone as one unit as Ordained fated soul ground.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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