Life! An amalgam of ups, downs, sorrow, grief, happiness, gloom and a composedness,

Lucky are those maintaining balance, by the Grace of God, equilibrium tilt goodness;

Often confronted with three things; “Arrogance,” “Greed” and “Jealous,” a lead-down,

Pride downgrade Satan from his status when refused Ordain, before Adam bow-down;

Self-indulgences got an ouster of Adam, the Heaven onto a scorched land called gravel,

Covetous coerced lustful Adam’s son Cain to murder younger brother Abel, upheaval;

Gloominess, grieves and pangs with repentance linchpin in the depth of heart erase sins,

Life is modem of yield with add-out sacrifice and not the usurpation of rights, not a win;

Never follow shadows of love entangles, search for the ordained soul to be your forever,

Doesn’t theme one’s falling in love by fairy, pixie not to accept one she loves be a clever;

Adorer worship, love and care eternal from toenail to scalp hair till he breathes his last,

Love never dies as definite by Lord, our shall be memoir in lullaby and berceuse a blast;

Never matters a cleavage of age as mutual reciprocal share interface rejuvenate a senile,

Horses, men and lions never bear from gap of an old age , a incentive never keep sterile;

Mutual feedback balances time, older one mutate young and young acquire age reverse,

Net result emits compatibility as marker, it lingers as bliss, peace and serenity traverse;

One puts out one’s life it is under an Ordain, we barely realise, a guide again yesterday,

So I would like to tell you, Batool, paragon of virtues that Virtuous is divinity, everyday;

Such a great love there remains a spark that defies “Time-cleavage” to bring  fated soul,

Mismatch of predestined souls on earth, both souls remain wander abysmally in a mole;

Notify that every day of your hibernation mar me by fester pang, than the maim wound,

Moments lacking you is not normal as away from all venues on zoom, play  on aground;

Antagonize a innate instinct as Ordained by God, one day shall memorize me as corpse,

Very rare these golden chance get a repeat, virtuous are those who avail jiffy by grasp;

We’d dialogue of love, me by a zoom and you behind it yesterday but it was Facebook,

Despite the odd rain Zaffar loves you, core of heart, your friend are in loll shallow book;

All-around climate it is not gale, thunder, lightning and Tsunami jam you but the light,

Shall not forget your moon beacon! Would seek to have relations on all fours, be bright;

Tender emotion of love equilibrium, no one let off hold-on-reaction as integral part love,

Seducing minds, merging bodies and unit of souls to remain for eachother not foxglove.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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