Worrying abysmally for none is sheer wastage of time and vigor as doesn’t change,

Anything gets convalesce partial or entire, hardly in pursuing an idol lacking range;

Mandatory! Bold step to utter one’s love lest gets moldy in mocker in air ambiance,

Unilateral worship exist in temples not human being, divine love travel ambulance;

It messes with one’s ego and steals away pleasure as sparkling is over a lust and gold,

Proves hollow nexus no life, stay viable till corpse is mine, love is over ride by a hold;

Realise having time to whine and criticism about some short comings impede worth,

In loving you, Batool, on all fours selflessly from core of heart with blossom no girth;

Think taking out your time, when you have the time to feel something about love fall,

Unilateral love never bears fruit being close nature whereby tall claim, no love at all;

That everyday lacking you brings me a Doomsday! When you realise our love divine,

All and sundry proclaim have fallen in love but filled lust, fated divine love is ravine;

Foundation of every being is a blend of mud, sand and water, love’s enhance by lime,

Adam had basis of ibid blending, Eve got created from his rib thereto human rhyme;

Love transformed into hanker after when Cain, elder brother, killed Abel  for a lust,

Fell in love with younger brother’s fated mach to be wedded to Abel, love tint a rust;

Couples from predestined souls ought to merge in this world unless drifted by Satan,

Man detracted from his Ordained discipline thereto various prophets (PBUT) came,

Salvation through rebirth by no girth! Man became Fidel but Ordain stand a maim;

Love bypass my youth as never was aware of format, only came to know enter dusk,

The beauty I yearn, came with disheveled homework, occur to see on zoom but husk;

Comfort I pray her, since birth greed forfeit, forever beacon my hold mirror image,

Reflect onto my heart during my eyes, getting drowned in her eyes, facing rampage;

Crazy man got me reciprocal by comments on Facebook wall seated deep in memoir,

Hiding love through constant ignore, unaware of fact it tantamount love in reservoir;

Render me life of up and fro in torture of fish without sip water, seldom reciprocate,                 

Not take in to time, tide and love awaits none, once gone final; God fated surrogate;

Seduce my mind and you can have my body, stands proverbial, finding soul forever,

Shall realise once bitten, twice smitten is trait of world, shall weep brutal, not clever. 



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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