Goddess! Come, there is undisclosed be whispered into your ears as waited, too, long,

I can’t deny any more fall in love with you melt in my heart, deliver on many a prong;

Sometimes feelings gesture ought to be believed at your end as love is a calculated risk,

Let it flow, open your heart and let your feeling be perceived by me, share love brisk;

Love is an amalgam of convolution, time and tide await none let us have a fated fusion,

When you dream it at night with deep sigh, come down have us a share interact union;

I shall refuge you from a tear and pang-ocean down onto natural instinct as Ordained,

Who stated! Love an easy job, was in fool’s paradise, an uphill chore hardly sustained;

Running from pillar to post around the world of craze confront with feedback in love,

When your hope is vanished, shall give you strength pierce darkness, am not foxglove;

I shall be your “Batool Chandler’s” one bulb emit unique light to hold as love candle,

Fiery in water lacking an iota of trivial shy, guide as fire burning bright not a scandal;

Relax! We shall voyage slow, my sweet lady, debut love crusade during a mutual fight,

Why don’t you move a bit closer, hold my hand feeling what am I, loving alone bright;

Must be am dreaming our blending, but, undergo solitary self captivated confinement,

Life shall cease with willful defiance to Law of Nature as Ordain fixed not refinement;

To erect a wall in your wilds shall not level our cleavage of ages, no option as we fated,

Drifting us along odd tide shall never impede our inevitable souls from a merge slated;

On love seaside we shall stroll holding “hand-in-hand” come closer to forget our gasp,

Enter life as were preordained for each other earlier to coming on this  scorched clasp;

What I hoped vanished devoid of rescue thereto deliver my adore by a nerve strength,

No fairy is justifiable all alone and no is criteria fixed for compatibility curtail length;

Close to the eyes be ignored and forgiven the sordid wrongdoing, is ought to be learnt,

Since one also expect an identical from God the Almighty to ignore one’s sinful  brunt;

Reiteration of one’s treason with repentance is gateway to doors of pardon from Lord,

Coddle not in sin for idol! Zaffar seek same by falling in love with Batool; love’s shod;

Fall in love shall get erased but not the cognisence of sin, undergo torture for a virtue,

Torture shall get healed with no residual scar, thorny to sustain ignorance of a statue.





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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