Happiness! When did reside in possessions, gold, jewelry and diamond but soul,

Suddenly, a flash of lightening, unabated, befall burning with a residual mole;

Happen to vision pragmatic interaction with fairy during conducive better days,

Concurrently, seen festering of vanished maims through jet black decaying rays;

Didn’t ever see, but, beyblading of my entity like toddlers toy move with string,

When I was feeling all alone by weakness, my own shadow bitten me via a sting;

My strength became my own enemy when drowned in seducing eyes of fairy rife,

It was none other than Batool encourage me a urge to live but went in drawknife;

We met with no neglect captivating it never too late as predated souls on earth,

Had communication via zoom channel falling in love impliedly, lack not girth;

It is immaterial how much in depth love one has unless reciprocated mutually,

Love itself is an expertise need no lessons, critically, victim of ignorance usually;

Forgot I to spend life as a necessity whereas got entrapped in woeful love fiddle,

Wishes are never horses to get hold of mane riding for trot long journey riddle;   

God deposited in ones account all kinds of blessing, use unlimited offer current,

With pin-code veiled in prayers, but, this account doesn’t contain love recurrent;

Where my life was dark now stand glow with “Batool Chandler” in maim heart,

My rotten pain dwell in heart can be autopsied by cause of death never a smart;

Entity gloomed since met her with positive nod, but, her health never composed,

Deep sigh with recurrent bout of coughs never tolerable to my love get reposed;

Often get awoke from none sleep with agonizing in depth pains and body cramps,

My life wouldn’t have been blessed with divine balm sooth, running over ramp;

Love once befall never ends though with implied consent not being paid refuted,

End is not end in fact rather acronym of “Efforts Never Die” ultimately saluted;

If get “No” as implied or direct answer than remember “Next Opportunity “sign,

Easy to say with impossible not probable once love noticed shall beacon a shine;

Those who exhibits “Impossible,” forget even as it is acronym, “I Am Possible,”

Age cleavage never has been barrier since annals, fairy relics initial respectable;

I often succumb to upset in first and last love affairs facing otherwise conducive,

Experience ups and downs with no chance of being heard in person lest abusive;

In all aspects of life risk ought to be taken as Ordained during survival of fittest,

Modern scientific vests in inclination changed, love replaced with lust of richest;

Full composedness is sign of death called living vegetable undergoing fire clouds,

My heart beats have lay bare irregularly irregular through an occasional offbeat,

The day rhythm goes smooth and straight followed by cooling of body, no heat;

Who to help me walk out of selfhood encapsulate fester of tired eternal existence,

One who eyed me in love flux; treat Zaffar! Not of her standard with resistance. 



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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