Zaffar remember Ismail, Idris and Dhu-al-Kifl all (PBUT) vested constancy and patience,

You seem succumb to love which, definitely, is composed of ignorance syndrome residence;

One who is more akin to “Anger flux” stands confirmed as divine lover of paragon of virtue,

Red colour is an alarm of danger along with firm stand of love, afford face ignorance statue;

Nay ignorance, delete, outmoded and block impede time, tide and fated relations ever erased,

Ordained as predestined souls by God Himself ought to comply by a bind eternal embraced;

Every pro was once an amateur, an expert once novice and minus love; dream big by a start,

Post of wittiness, wisdom, beauty and top class puns enshrouded in ignorance be blackheart;

Her sassy outcrop of “Neutrality” is positive fire, blush onto break into peel of nay laughter,

Busy are they in “Self-projection”  pivot about own entity care not who so ever get slaughter;

Life codified repose mutual and shared trust thereto variation of feelings altered by chances,

Trailing and finding gladness are irrelevant in play cards of a love by slack and win glances;

Appreciate the life record, lessons from the past and careful of once bitten and twice smitten;

Love is blind trump card where loser is the captor of heart play by no vengeance of auction;

So much to consider, we were lost in moment latent pangs on kind shoulder I always needed,

Fell in your elegant, striking, hazelnut, gazelle and ocean eyes got drowned, my love pleaded;

Notion of stay keep in but my heart got belvedere canopy yet seem too far away destination,

Don’t know how love could leave me abruptly through stroke of skyward jiggle renunciation;

During the darkness of night neither heart nor I sleep as can’t live devoid of goddess Batool,

Care covert, entity stood peeled nexus all hearts candle in water, not man makeup, schedule;

Drifting helpless to and fro by hiding live festering inner core of heart with tears absorption,

Rumble of the infinite dream, seek for hand I hold for riding “Hope-Horse, “ not distortion;

Piercing for fated arm that let me know the art of calming silence, my heart ever undertake,

Mere one touch overcomes the silence, merge two hearts deliver one woe in strange no break;

Provide me wings to be seated in cleavage of wings taking her sky high, winning a heaven fly,

 Feel inside our heart intended absorb pangs mutually and jointly with breath-to-breath ally;   

Lacking a trace of silence spirit throb-less settles heart beat astray via sound fetal resonance,

My heart commotion flutter is audible on Echocardiography done in emergency renaissance;

Love mutate to financial-lust psychology for reach sky in one go forget lap of mother growth,

Role model of hibiscus complex in the garb of fair sex by exhibition of anatomy become both;

One cannot have a better and thriving tomorrow if keeps playing with memoirs of yesterday,

If devotee of an orthodox seeker of help from “Patience-n-pray” listen in Heaven, no holiday;

Alas! Zaffar, had used Quran as his guide, wouldn’t have lost the divine sense tint distortion,

Struck in quagmire awfully neck deep, peep sin of falling in love with Batool, no exoneration.  




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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