Is Batool one zoom channel prophesying “Neutrality Doctrine?” Nay! Not the least,

Divine pious offshoot of soul, virtuous, and upright a paragon of virtues is my priest,

She got a heart! That would have, by now, molten in furnace of love with residual ash,

Lacking being reciprocate by her amid sharing relations life awfully settles into trash;

Special one my virtuous do beacon from inside heart, gist thereby akin my love aware,

Unnecessary thought are awkward sticking their own way in fixed love, lack yes dare;

Love is selfless and always blind not obedient to dogmatic adherence to policy and law,

Vested with over eager sign of reciprocacity as receiver of my first love, afraid of flaw;

Was fading enshrouded in awful pangs receiving  your soul in daydream renunciation,

While I was a drove along tortuously love road daydream taste sweet kisses but arson;

Indulge live divine love without foxglove as fated with you in full of pang at risk hitch,

Running love fever flowing in blood vessels akin your ablaze me covert by cross-stitch;

Drove all night with illusion of hug you up intermingle hopes lean lying on the ground,

I know you can’t have more fertile virgin heart than Zaffar fated for, in globe around;

Your throw noose end of lasso on the stars, wish fall in true love Batool! Die for good,

When die! you shall never have a word to wail and mourn with grief I’ll be deadwood;

Life is the surname of mutual share dealings play between destined souls lest abysmal,

May passion you posses in your heart! Searching from pillar to post get full not trivial;

My love seedling retain by you in shall germinate from heart fructifies fruit essential,

Life has passed through an unfinished quest had already met pitiless friends in reality;

For the end is near in your false mimic love excuse I go my way is beset in a sun rising,

Not that with falling sun I ever lose hope of your falling in love with me in jiffy aching;

When was fighting gloom severance find beacon of delight come to my divine dwelling,

Forever shall I go with fearless to express my obligatory love devoid of phrase ageing;

To paradise by you I shall go stir up idle to toil for a lover to grow lacking reluctance,

Rich plough of our love fight jointly fulfill Ordain of God, destined our soul substance;

Singing love message over earth, air, water and fire what extra a mortal couple desire,

Not obedience willful defiance to an Ordain of God! You’ll realise as I burst by expire. 




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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