God decides create superhuman by amalgam of sand, mud and water, a precursor statue ,

Soul from divine-fire, named Batool in Arabic thereto Urdu; in English Virtuous Virtue;

Blended statue’s element into man encoded by shock absorbing through put in it Batool,   

Making foolproof to be sent on earth, identical grief and sorrow if confronted not go fool;

Formed Eve from the rib of statue Adam, superior to him creating Heaven under her feet,

Ordained for offshoot of Adam and Eve to value their mother to have heaven lest  repeat;

Ordered Chiefton of angels to bow before design of God by His own hand but who refuse,

Punish wrong as Satan, who challenged to put man to astray with no chance but confuse;

Satan stood succeeded in achieving its ulterior motive get Adam taste banned ingredient,

Thrown out of bliss, Adam lodged at Adam’s Peak in Ceylon and Eve into Arabia affront;

Elder son Cain murdered younger brother Abel to marry lay a founder stone ensue a lust,

Greed superimpose lust in era of Adam having divine soul Batool, was broken by amplest;

Countless prophets were sent to crusade renaissance in people, succeed follow by failure,

Imam Mahdi(AS) expected follow by Jesus Christ(PBUH) and Batool messiah chandelier;

Civilization vanished in stereotype reign, Socrates took hemlock  endorsing his principle,

Had chance to escape by averting  death, “Refused qua principles get murder!” disciple;

Genghis Khan and Halagu Khan made pyramids of human skull to purge the massacre,

Killing elite rulers, now, mushroomed in present time in Pakistan as defined by Socrates;

What to talk of horse-shoe-maker! Medical job has gone devoid of Oath of Hippocrates;       

Last prophet Mohd (PBUH) establish divine principles but after his death gradually ebb,

Only soul from, “Divine Fire” ingrained in Batool to project equality and neutrality  web;

Zaffar made up of mud fell in love by soul, made up of “Divine-Fire” Batool  but in vain,

I shall always love you, Batool, no issue what you cognisence, lie ahead  without any rain;

No matter without pulsating my divine instinct, at risk to yield,  akin to virtuous eternal,

Reluctance to give to flux of love irrespective of objectivity based assignments since angel;

A sense of impartiality and uprightness by excessive devotion to research akin not family,

Beyblade activities pivot around fixation of lists, rules and minor development-live curie;

Perfectionism that impede with buff up task following moral and liberation of ethic code,

Lack of generosity studded with extreme frugality without substantive reason fire a goad;

Billboard behavior stands establish when impairment in social and family role is impeded,

Love is higher to all obligation while not at their cost, life be usual as time never receded;

Before Batool met me on zoom, my voyage had a seven seas sail, took it as my destination,

Your tour down widen road from pillar to post depend on task, deprive my resuscitation;

Got lost in tender feeling all alone, take root my heart subservient to your alluring beacon,

Dwell in your fated home within heart, how long shall you ignore identical divine treason;

Zaffar forgot his white collared , remain upright, honest and flawless in his service career,

Pilgrimage to Mecca for Hajj subservient to money! How could adore, lack bagful arrear.




About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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