Alas! Stray heart knew love is blind till confront with lovemaking disgusting,

The more one follows fairy selflessly the more adorer akin to heart bursting;

It is not, likely, love that make the would go just regarding relatively alliance,

During which partners jointly, caringly recognize inter dependence reliance;

Each other’s achieve share interact two hearts into a single unit synchronize,

Constant ignorance by Batool is defy to Doctrine, getting Zaffar hospitalize;

Every divine sport I played, throughout won by flying colors with veto defeat,

In amity and recent alone love with “Neutral Fairy” stood backfire obsolete;

Who knows why! Since I never play with it and believe in God gifted worship,

Life is residual no one forever lived in the canopy of love inspite of hardship;

The supreme goal in one’s life find someone to owe with Achilles’ heel accept,

Inspite of mistake adores one’s beloved hold her entity tight by heart adept;

Even then love selfless taking her as divine sanction eternally to be idolized,

Joint link is defined as one in which both souls on soil merge not antagonized;

Delinquencies and short come are taken, “If you love me, love my dog dear”,

Absorb her negative aspect as gateway to heart, soul and without trivial fear;

With realistic hope to fortify the freak relations gradually build a mountain,

Ought not waste jiffy in revelation lest lose chance in shower love fountain;

Remain afraid of my God Who is vested with a quality of our talk listening,

If Batool and Zaffar interact in hearts, He acquiesces with no blackmailing;

Passion with love are blind, reposing trust in God and special one is predated,

Not merely saying prayers and hold a girl by hand-in-hand is love updated;

Love twin of care, whereby, eyes are enough to speak passing screen of zoom,

Entering eyes of anchorperson on way to newscaster’s heart by throb abloom;

Eyes are recipient and reciprocator of mutual falling in love never get revoke,

“Ignore-razor!” Hundreds cutting my heart, each ignorance ignite a provoke.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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