Time and again emphasized Batool not “Living thing,” decidedly, paragon of Virtue,

Had she been creature! Would’ve got her seduced by alluring worship as my statue;

Life! Grave persevere that there is bare darkness in its lap, entrant bring own light,

Its mud, precursor of man, stranger do bring a double bed and clothing’s downright;

There reins inhospitableness to cope by existence, do bring groups of chanting friends,

Snakes, Scorpios and Maggots to dwell with, who so ever comes, not leave is trends;

Birds sitting on twigs of tress represent Ordain of God, not afraid of branch breaking,

Decidedly, vested with trust not passive to branch but its own wings ready tracking;

One ought to believe in Might of God as He hides delinquency of man being merciful,

Birds are true followers of God in letter and spirit, whereas, man never feel regretful;

Love does stuff, not evaluated on pendulum of “See-Saw” cleavage between two ends,

Oscillation of life beacons as natural process, gets a detracts men being void friends;

Callously hurts with festering maim when Virtuous attacks with weapon of ignorance,

Who got reserved an eternal birth before coming to fatal world, life wrap tolerance;

Pangs increment with every moment of passing time yield to intellectual faculty grow,

Self mushroomed adversary play the role of negative ensure prick of poisonous arrow;

Success always take the side of those devoid of soft corner through ruthless vigilance,

The worst lethal weapon can’t veneer the assault with “Ignorance” fester grievance;

Vested through groom in the lap of a mother , stretch hand by palm facing upward, 

God is the only Messiah soothing dorsal surface of hand, as palm facing downward;

 Pity on beings not aware of natural phenomenon that life nexus tiny bubble of water,

Hercules and Gladiators rein by massacre of humanity, their entity got a slaughter;

Heroic is one crusading against tribulations of their own self restraint with persevere,

Beacon through patience of covert ego, firm trust and faith in God’s eternal endear;

Avoids reaching the fits of with self control, rage by mixing bad words with bad mood,

One vulnerable to many opportunity changes but nay ever akin to tint rude accrued;

Shall never get an iota of event to reserve word one spoke as dialect lancet via teeth,

Tongue delivering words through barrier of teeth like an arrow hitting heart beneath.



Wish with pray that Mr Hassan Nisar takes over Pakistan!!!!! If wishes were horses then elite would have a ride as riding Pakistan, again and again, ransacking iota of it’s (Pakistan) imagination, unabated. Maxim,” Man proposes, decidedly, God disposes.” That is why Pakistan is saved.
Intentness is counted, whereas, such quality stands extinct on all fours. Tipu Sultan, Allama Iqbal, Quid-e-Azam and Messiahs come only once in blue moon. If we have messiah, the have gone covert with sickness…….when shall the heal??
One’s characteristics, nature and blood signpost a quality called messiah, one step lower than prophets (PBUT). 
It is not sin if I declare, we in Pakistan has a messiah in Hassan Nisar. We are facing fate of French Revolution, sooner or later. This time boots should take refuge in MR Hassan Nisar to guide them to Pakistan’s destination, which stood predetermined before it was created on map. Boot need not have “Monkey Justice” among them and their cronies, planted since Gen ( self made Field Marshal) Ayub’s greed revolution full of lust thereto encoded in Gen Yahya in the lap of Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.
That stereotype chapter shall be eliminated by Mr Hassan Nisar and not by sparrow ( aapas-ki-baat) Mr Najam Sethi killing the falcon of justice beacon in PTI of Imran Khan.
Let us all pray for such crusader and gladiators nexus Mr Hassan Nisar to revolutionize the fate of Pakistan to actual form as Ordained by Creator of the World. All say Amen.
“Those! They are the crusaders against ills of own ego with perseveres beacon through patience, firmly put their trust, faith and confidence in their Lord succumb to tolerance.”
An-Nahi [ 16:42]. 
Dr Zaffar Bukhari.


Thinking of you, Batool! My life complete as you’re my golden clouds and my smile,

You’re all the soulful love songs in my spirit, like an angel call an ideal once while;

Soul and you know that this is destiny so why play! Thereto close your eyes, bliss me,

Once again! I’ll always be the only one you’ll need so go nowhere I die awaiting see;

Your deepest yearning lead, just close my eyes because I might see your celestial face,

Just close my mouth since I might hear your voice, just close my ears to listen chase;

Might hear of you, but I could not close my heart because I love you in depth adore,

I know that you are not perfect and nor can I claim to be either, please, love restore;

I say that I want to be on your side, to hold your hand, to treasure you in the morning, In the noon-tide, to be next to you, to be held close to your heart and for worshiping;

Rest of my living years, to comfort you, dry your tears and calm your mainly, Frightening fears, to fight your battles and show no shame to scream my love vainly;

For you out loud all over the land I guarantee there will be tough times I guarantee,

At some point, one, or both of us is going to want to get out of this craze warrantee;

But I also guarantee, that if I don’t ask you to be mine, I will pang with heart regret,

For the rest of my life as in my heart, that you’re the only one without whom upset;

In worship we wed a mystery, another foil a logic the person akin nexus Virgin Mary,

Wed is a stranger about whom we have a glorious intuition, lest eat drink and abbey;

The person we choose to adore is someone we love, but his depths fairy intimate, Intricacies – we will come to know only in the long extrication of time not by abate;

We know enough about our beloved to know that we love, to imagine that, as rhyme;

Occasion, tides and odds ought to availed lest no Zaffar is there loving you all time;

Goes on clock, we will come to enjoy fairy even more, become even more of ourselves,

Her presence to our knowledge we add our willingness to embark on akin yourselves;

Getting to know by coming to see her, even so superbly more swept up by attraction, Attention, fantasy, hope, and a certain happy measure of recognition, not detraction;

If agree to come together for the mysterious future, to see where the journey will take, This you’ll always be the only fairy in my life, my love for you grew not ever break;

Rein my heart like a jungle, impossible for any other lady to ever find way through, They could try, but would only get hurt, because you’re a very special fairy not adieu;

No one could compare with, I felt special for you, chose me to have a venue explore,

Walking on a dream how can I explain? Talking to myself see censure;
We are always running for the thrill of it, thrill of it always uphill searching for thrill,

Off and on we are calling out and out again never looking just in awe of drill;
Thought I’d never see the love you found in alibi, it’s changing in each every berceuse,
Catch me lest get lost in infinity beyblading you in repent, won’t be in  hand rescue.






Eyes opened with persisting loneliness, so does, Batool committed to assignments reap,

Thorny to enshrine in paragon of virtue, confront with uphill task reciprocated by weep;  

Every night lying on lonely capacious bed, through ceiling, talk to a elfin twinkling star,

Keep on pretending mirror-image nexus every entity mimic your, even, playing a guitar;

Faraway never reply to my tender quarry as if you are playing me through “see-n-saw,”

I reseated at one end, you at the other fickle ups and downs nexus my heart’s  withdraw;

Before inflicting covert whiplash, be careful, the victim is not one fallen in timeless love,

Be seducing you mind, adoring your body, search your soul to stay forever not foxglove;

Ought to avoid tint with preemptive negative opinion formed, censure unheard chastity,

May not have repeated action during repeat as I, too, have a tender heart by a certainty;

In a love market diamonds are seen at chuck away prices, in heap, selling awfully cheap,

Rubies sold in bulk nexus thing on orthodox weighing balance lying in one pan not reap;

Flowers taken symbol of luck in West and sign of bad omen in East, mocker nature joke,

Typically wisdom just purviews psyche of human without passing diagnostic self revoke;

Eyes stand fixed staring at behind screen, watching and search my love twittering a sky,

Without a word utter and in depth vigilant, the less I speak more await Virtuous do fly;

Hardly nearby to my worship, what to talk of return which stand rescind in an advance,

Seldom comments covert and overt tattooing my grey matter to have her at least glance;

Birds are true lovemaking victims to fade away infinitively fulfill prerequisite as forfeit,

It is not love lust by bodily satiety as flowers change colors, our eyes rework no retreat;

Contentment ill-treated me since earth formed enwrapped in pangs by festering wound,

In danger losing myself merging in someone as one unit as Ordained fated soul ground.




Reham, you are vested with acumenship of social justice in Pakistan.
Saw the video you asked for. A heart deep touching criteria in the society who demn care human being in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. We ourselves ought to be blamed for this situation at the hands of ruling elite.
Honestly, Islam dwells in Muslims, whereas, “Principles of Islam” have been snatched by non Muslims world.
Muslim Calif Umer (AS) once said,”If a bitch is found on the bank of river Euphrates dying because of thirst, deprivation and starvation then he (Calif) shall be held responsible for her death on Doomsday before Lord the Almighty!!!!
Our self projected Amir-ul-Momineen and Khadim-e-Aala are playing flute when masses are having the condition of a dying bitch in mid of catchment area devoid of drop of water?
Nowhere on earth rivers and water is sold to other countries in the world but Pakistan. River Nile is longest, passing through various countries but none afford it’s sell out!!!!!
Dr Zaffar Bukhari
( Dr Syed Muhammad Zaffar Bukhari.)
Descendant of Sher Shah Syed Jallal Surkh Bukhari, Uch Sharif; came to Subcontinent Indo_Pak to preach Islam from Bukhara, bare foot about eleven hundred years back.


Life! An amalgam of ups, downs, sorrow, grief, happiness, gloom and a composedness,

Lucky are those maintaining balance, by the Grace of God, equilibrium tilt goodness;

Often confronted with three things; “Arrogance,” “Greed” and “Jealous,” a lead-down,

Pride downgrade Satan from his status when refused Ordain, before Adam bow-down;

Self-indulgences got an ouster of Adam, the Heaven onto a scorched land called gravel,

Covetous coerced lustful Adam’s son Cain to murder younger brother Abel, upheaval;

Gloominess, grieves and pangs with repentance linchpin in the depth of heart erase sins,

Life is modem of yield with add-out sacrifice and not the usurpation of rights, not a win;

Never follow shadows of love entangles, search for the ordained soul to be your forever,

Doesn’t theme one’s falling in love by fairy, pixie not to accept one she loves be a clever;

Adorer worship, love and care eternal from toenail to scalp hair till he breathes his last,

Love never dies as definite by Lord, our shall be memoir in lullaby and berceuse a blast;

Never matters a cleavage of age as mutual reciprocal share interface rejuvenate a senile,

Horses, men and lions never bear from gap of an old age , a incentive never keep sterile;

Mutual feedback balances time, older one mutate young and young acquire age reverse,

Net result emits compatibility as marker, it lingers as bliss, peace and serenity traverse;

One puts out one’s life it is under an Ordain, we barely realise, a guide again yesterday,

So I would like to tell you, Batool, paragon of virtues that Virtuous is divinity, everyday;

Such a great love there remains a spark that defies “Time-cleavage” to bring  fated soul,

Mismatch of predestined souls on earth, both souls remain wander abysmally in a mole;

Notify that every day of your hibernation mar me by fester pang, than the maim wound,

Moments lacking you is not normal as away from all venues on zoom, play  on aground;

Antagonize a innate instinct as Ordained by God, one day shall memorize me as corpse,

Very rare these golden chance get a repeat, virtuous are those who avail jiffy by grasp;

We’d dialogue of love, me by a zoom and you behind it yesterday but it was Facebook,

Despite the odd rain Zaffar loves you, core of heart, your friend are in loll shallow book;

All-around climate it is not gale, thunder, lightning and Tsunami jam you but the light,

Shall not forget your moon beacon! Would seek to have relations on all fours, be bright;

Tender emotion of love equilibrium, no one let off hold-on-reaction as integral part love,

Seducing minds, merging bodies and unit of souls to remain for eachother not foxglove.




Worrying abysmally for none is sheer wastage of time and vigor as doesn’t change,

Anything gets convalesce partial or entire, hardly in pursuing an idol lacking range;

Mandatory! Bold step to utter one’s love lest gets moldy in mocker in air ambiance,

Unilateral worship exist in temples not human being, divine love travel ambulance;

It messes with one’s ego and steals away pleasure as sparkling is over a lust and gold,

Proves hollow nexus no life, stay viable till corpse is mine, love is over ride by a hold;

Realise having time to whine and criticism about some short comings impede worth,

In loving you, Batool, on all fours selflessly from core of heart with blossom no girth;

Think taking out your time, when you have the time to feel something about love fall,

Unilateral love never bears fruit being close nature whereby tall claim, no love at all;

That everyday lacking you brings me a Doomsday! When you realise our love divine,

All and sundry proclaim have fallen in love but filled lust, fated divine love is ravine;

Foundation of every being is a blend of mud, sand and water, love’s enhance by lime,

Adam had basis of ibid blending, Eve got created from his rib thereto human rhyme;

Love transformed into hanker after when Cain, elder brother, killed Abel  for a lust,

Fell in love with younger brother’s fated mach to be wedded to Abel, love tint a rust;

Couples from predestined souls ought to merge in this world unless drifted by Satan,

Man detracted from his Ordained discipline thereto various prophets (PBUT) came,

Salvation through rebirth by no girth! Man became Fidel but Ordain stand a maim;

Love bypass my youth as never was aware of format, only came to know enter dusk,

The beauty I yearn, came with disheveled homework, occur to see on zoom but husk;

Comfort I pray her, since birth greed forfeit, forever beacon my hold mirror image,

Reflect onto my heart during my eyes, getting drowned in her eyes, facing rampage;

Crazy man got me reciprocal by comments on Facebook wall seated deep in memoir,

Hiding love through constant ignore, unaware of fact it tantamount love in reservoir;

Render me life of up and fro in torture of fish without sip water, seldom reciprocate,                 

Not take in to time, tide and love awaits none, once gone final; God fated surrogate;

Seduce my mind and you can have my body, stands proverbial, finding soul forever,

Shall realise once bitten, twice smitten is trait of world, shall weep brutal, not clever. 



Goddess! Come, there is undisclosed be whispered into your ears as waited, too, long,

I can’t deny any more fall in love with you melt in my heart, deliver on many a prong;

Sometimes feelings gesture ought to be believed at your end as love is a calculated risk,

Let it flow, open your heart and let your feeling be perceived by me, share love brisk;

Love is an amalgam of convolution, time and tide await none let us have a fated fusion,

When you dream it at night with deep sigh, come down have us a share interact union;

I shall refuge you from a tear and pang-ocean down onto natural instinct as Ordained,

Who stated! Love an easy job, was in fool’s paradise, an uphill chore hardly sustained;

Running from pillar to post around the world of craze confront with feedback in love,

When your hope is vanished, shall give you strength pierce darkness, am not foxglove;

I shall be your “Batool Chandler’s” one bulb emit unique light to hold as love candle,

Fiery in water lacking an iota of trivial shy, guide as fire burning bright not a scandal;

Relax! We shall voyage slow, my sweet lady, debut love crusade during a mutual fight,

Why don’t you move a bit closer, hold my hand feeling what am I, loving alone bright;

Must be am dreaming our blending, but, undergo solitary self captivated confinement,

Life shall cease with willful defiance to Law of Nature as Ordain fixed not refinement;

To erect a wall in your wilds shall not level our cleavage of ages, no option as we fated,

Drifting us along odd tide shall never impede our inevitable souls from a merge slated;

On love seaside we shall stroll holding “hand-in-hand” come closer to forget our gasp,

Enter life as were preordained for each other earlier to coming on this  scorched clasp;

What I hoped vanished devoid of rescue thereto deliver my adore by a nerve strength,

No fairy is justifiable all alone and no is criteria fixed for compatibility curtail length;

Close to the eyes be ignored and forgiven the sordid wrongdoing, is ought to be learnt,

Since one also expect an identical from God the Almighty to ignore one’s sinful  brunt;

Reiteration of one’s treason with repentance is gateway to doors of pardon from Lord,

Coddle not in sin for idol! Zaffar seek same by falling in love with Batool; love’s shod;

Fall in love shall get erased but not the cognisence of sin, undergo torture for a virtue,

Torture shall get healed with no residual scar, thorny to sustain ignorance of a statue.





Happiness! When did reside in possessions, gold, jewelry and diamond but soul,

Suddenly, a flash of lightening, unabated, befall burning with a residual mole;

Happen to vision pragmatic interaction with fairy during conducive better days,

Concurrently, seen festering of vanished maims through jet black decaying rays;

Didn’t ever see, but, beyblading of my entity like toddlers toy move with string,

When I was feeling all alone by weakness, my own shadow bitten me via a sting;

My strength became my own enemy when drowned in seducing eyes of fairy rife,

It was none other than Batool encourage me a urge to live but went in drawknife;

We met with no neglect captivating it never too late as predated souls on earth,

Had communication via zoom channel falling in love impliedly, lack not girth;

It is immaterial how much in depth love one has unless reciprocated mutually,

Love itself is an expertise need no lessons, critically, victim of ignorance usually;

Forgot I to spend life as a necessity whereas got entrapped in woeful love fiddle,

Wishes are never horses to get hold of mane riding for trot long journey riddle;   

God deposited in ones account all kinds of blessing, use unlimited offer current,

With pin-code veiled in prayers, but, this account doesn’t contain love recurrent;

Where my life was dark now stand glow with “Batool Chandler” in maim heart,

My rotten pain dwell in heart can be autopsied by cause of death never a smart;

Entity gloomed since met her with positive nod, but, her health never composed,

Deep sigh with recurrent bout of coughs never tolerable to my love get reposed;

Often get awoke from none sleep with agonizing in depth pains and body cramps,

My life wouldn’t have been blessed with divine balm sooth, running over ramp;

Love once befall never ends though with implied consent not being paid refuted,

End is not end in fact rather acronym of “Efforts Never Die” ultimately saluted;

If get “No” as implied or direct answer than remember “Next Opportunity “sign,

Easy to say with impossible not probable once love noticed shall beacon a shine;

Those who exhibits “Impossible,” forget even as it is acronym, “I Am Possible,”

Age cleavage never has been barrier since annals, fairy relics initial respectable;

I often succumb to upset in first and last love affairs facing otherwise conducive,

Experience ups and downs with no chance of being heard in person lest abusive;

In all aspects of life risk ought to be taken as Ordained during survival of fittest,

Modern scientific vests in inclination changed, love replaced with lust of richest;

Full composedness is sign of death called living vegetable undergoing fire clouds,

My heart beats have lay bare irregularly irregular through an occasional offbeat,

The day rhythm goes smooth and straight followed by cooling of body, no heat;

Who to help me walk out of selfhood encapsulate fester of tired eternal existence,

One who eyed me in love flux; treat Zaffar! Not of her standard with resistance. 



Zaffar remember Ismail, Idris and Dhu-al-Kifl all (PBUT) vested constancy and patience,

You seem succumb to love which, definitely, is composed of ignorance syndrome residence;

One who is more akin to “Anger flux” stands confirmed as divine lover of paragon of virtue,

Red colour is an alarm of danger along with firm stand of love, afford face ignorance statue;

Nay ignorance, delete, outmoded and block impede time, tide and fated relations ever erased,

Ordained as predestined souls by God Himself ought to comply by a bind eternal embraced;

Every pro was once an amateur, an expert once novice and minus love; dream big by a start,

Post of wittiness, wisdom, beauty and top class puns enshrouded in ignorance be blackheart;

Her sassy outcrop of “Neutrality” is positive fire, blush onto break into peel of nay laughter,

Busy are they in “Self-projection”  pivot about own entity care not who so ever get slaughter;

Life codified repose mutual and shared trust thereto variation of feelings altered by chances,

Trailing and finding gladness are irrelevant in play cards of a love by slack and win glances;

Appreciate the life record, lessons from the past and careful of once bitten and twice smitten;

Love is blind trump card where loser is the captor of heart play by no vengeance of auction;

So much to consider, we were lost in moment latent pangs on kind shoulder I always needed,

Fell in your elegant, striking, hazelnut, gazelle and ocean eyes got drowned, my love pleaded;

Notion of stay keep in but my heart got belvedere canopy yet seem too far away destination,

Don’t know how love could leave me abruptly through stroke of skyward jiggle renunciation;

During the darkness of night neither heart nor I sleep as can’t live devoid of goddess Batool,

Care covert, entity stood peeled nexus all hearts candle in water, not man makeup, schedule;

Drifting helpless to and fro by hiding live festering inner core of heart with tears absorption,

Rumble of the infinite dream, seek for hand I hold for riding “Hope-Horse, “ not distortion;

Piercing for fated arm that let me know the art of calming silence, my heart ever undertake,

Mere one touch overcomes the silence, merge two hearts deliver one woe in strange no break;

Provide me wings to be seated in cleavage of wings taking her sky high, winning a heaven fly,

 Feel inside our heart intended absorb pangs mutually and jointly with breath-to-breath ally;   

Lacking a trace of silence spirit throb-less settles heart beat astray via sound fetal resonance,

My heart commotion flutter is audible on Echocardiography done in emergency renaissance;

Love mutate to financial-lust psychology for reach sky in one go forget lap of mother growth,

Role model of hibiscus complex in the garb of fair sex by exhibition of anatomy become both;

One cannot have a better and thriving tomorrow if keeps playing with memoirs of yesterday,

If devotee of an orthodox seeker of help from “Patience-n-pray” listen in Heaven, no holiday;

Alas! Zaffar, had used Quran as his guide, wouldn’t have lost the divine sense tint distortion,

Struck in quagmire awfully neck deep, peep sin of falling in love with Batool, no exoneration.