Is any conscience aware of “Live-music-Instrument” auto sing before birth,

Playing music amidst room’s pith shadowy by upbeat devoid of any dearth;

Pumping blood to various parts of body including love struck broken heart,

Lost in bewilderedness blindfolded for selfless one-sided love uncouth, smart;

Independent of emotions, sentiments, gloom, stress strain and doomed pang,

As night snail by time-consuming monitored by God, heart magnetism tang;

Ooh! I hope it won’t be at brim of closing stages till now I got on my own skip,

Away from reality, as never conscious of caring sanctity of love astonishing slip;

Meet to deliver my proposal of being in love with her, but, it chills me to bone,

Loves you mercifully with self esteem volunteer paschal affirm oath, die alone;

Nerves reach flashpoint mute cause each ignorance stimuli shear myelin sheath,

Alas! How to get you alone in my open eye dreams all alone in dark bequeath;

I fell in love before you got born to touch my messiah’s lips gentle nexus cyclone,

Hold you tight but fear leak my love may vulnerable you defame unless alone;

Hibernation of secret still remain alive however at the verge of getting buried,

 If so! My name shall get erased thereto no one left to wail, moan and worried;

Till now, always got on my own nexus a fish without water whirling in entwine,

Life is name of positive thrash about but love drifts away one’s entity in ravine;

Wished Batool! We sitting on your rooftop staring at skies in eachother eyes,

Sun was plunging lesser when I got drowned in your hazelnut gorgeous allies;

You saw me dipping ebb deep in depth of your eyes, afford time for our meet,

Why can’t we solidify this moment to save you scot free from world’s fast cheat;

Zaffar’s life nexus Houbara Bustard without you, when shall you realise reap,

Proclaim eternally yours property, can sell me at will I shall not forever weep.





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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