Million dollars question! Can there be anything more tortuous than ignorance?

Last grade cancer undergoing Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy Akins patience;

Divinity, Spirituality, Virtuous, Righteous and straightforward amalgamate adore,

All getting absorbed in human transform as messiah infusing ethical norm restore;

Divine grading Ordain by God into prophets, Imam Mahdi (RA), messiah ant saint,

Messiah exhibits divinity covertly, solely diagnosed by diehard worshiper acquaint;

God confer honour of messiah on Batool, delivering lesson of parity and neutrality,

Water having no colour, acquire that colour messiah puts in is the scientific reality;

Zaffar out of mere simplicity fell prey to sermon of a “neutral stance” through love,

Messiah unable to diagnose beyblading trickstering mischievous roughish foxglove;

If inspite of die heat love to one’s special one victims of legatee constant ignorance,

Must not to curse one’s heart for falling in love with fairy backfire a virus cadence;

I feel foolproof safety in Batool’s heart still covert, my heart keeps on with a throb,

Not realising my entity stood mislaid in her domain, besides, my peace acquire rob;

To renovate into recovered life of mine, adoree ought be in breaths till ineradicably,

Each and every at this time, makes conducive breeze by her hands touch credibly;

Nobody can deny factum of something panging in her tender heart run up and fro,

My fingers playing through her curly and fascinating hair render my entity hollow;

Both of us by accepted wisdom planning for share interaction yield of fructify days,

Getting lost in each other’s entities merger to one unit with emission of bright rays;

Voyaging from pillar to post all corners of unconquered virgin yet to be discovered,

Lonely canopy to hide our mutual palpation, pulsation, throb and pang recovered;

Each one believing that love never dies but the body perish being ruled by live soul,

Never shall come that moment as adorer set handicap cause “Age cleavage” mole.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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