One never attribute a mission, through until to be completed tomorrow,

But, if God Will shall do it, if forget name of God do take, lest a sorrow;

Alas! Zaffar forgot God when fell in love with Batool thereto suffer todate,

Reiterate, God’s remembrance yet fail to have success, her reciprocation,

Have confidence, “My God shall soften heart of Virtuous akin restoration;

Lord has help the lovebirds though not pious, true and divine, except lust,

Love is divine worship, once befallen, never remain unattended and a rust;

Lord has advised more than this, not to indulge in boost up, His attribute,

Each and every breath involuntarily continue praising God by an tribute;

I surrender my entity to avail an access to my love still in return a failure,

She gone astray in graze-stars in the far sky, stale emotion yet not closure;

Pang feat her in one piece instead her outburst mutilate me in thousands,

Certain, she is fully aware of my divine love yet can’t deny love diamonds;

Together we enter umpteen dreams remain conscious of festering pang,

Transform them into reality, succumb to her eyes within hair-divine tang;

Imagine hold you in real! Gentle in my arms, not let you go away from life,

Got you after innumerable rebirths, am left with trivial vigor to pang rife;

Forfeit my ego before my fairy Virtuous, love voyage me to end up return,

Beyblade in quagmire holds my life zero without you mug sick and a burn;

With no reveal of my identity just volunteer to be with you caring chastity,

One whom you forgot in love with since your zip on screen, love is reality;

When I feel down, mention of your name, it lifts me up making by persist,

Losing my potency your adoration rejuvenate me, faith defeats my resist;

Like the moon and stars with alluring be good at, you have me light to see,

Grace, beauty, hazelnut and mango-sliced-sharp eyes be useless if lack me;

Hold me cause my goal is stunning stand lost in your love forget my entity,

Can you hear me calling at your heart? Cause of you going with certainty;

Left with no words to be uttered as searched rescue, in love Encyclopedia,

How much love I owe you when get drowned in your gazelle eyes in aqua;

Know heaven’s worth in your full entity, I reckoned sinner have no access,

Air you breathe is source of my viability and when closed! Eternal recess.





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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