Maxim,” Teen shepherd crying for help from Wild lion! All village Converge,”

With canes, sword and arms to kill the lion before it attacks sheep put diverge;

Lion did attack sheep, ransack licking blood and eating live of helpless human,

Uproar of guide lost in the sky as all took it stereo joke, cold lives the chainman;

Pakistan created for protection Islam in particular and rest religions in general,

To have their own dignity, respect, liberty and protected chastity vested eternal;

Socrates 407.BC revolted against existing system nexus Pakistan beacons again,

Warn insertion of cobbler, carpenter, blacksmith and horse-shoe-makers reign;

Later indulge in usurping wealth, health, lust and sport of playing with chastity,

In the garb of lion ( who eats fresh flesh with blood) in the jungle isolated entity,

Symbol of lion owners fond of eating dull brain and soup of nail separated hoof,

Socrates defined traits are “his master voices” deliver worst than chunk of goof;

Have leant art of mold human shield into “Horse Shoe” with liking for general,

Having a yield of naive masses deprived of chastity inside and thereto external;

To carve the way for tame, shoe licked and slave crony army officer helicopter,

Tracing the political don guilty for kill the first prime minister, a state Proctor;

Had daring, valor, upright and crusader army officer’s helicopter not got blast,

Rasputin Gen Ayub playing women in a refugee camp in East Pakistan aghast;

Would not have been the Commander-in-Chief theto self made Field Marshal,

Senior martyred army officer would have occupied ibid posts, state be rational;

Cronies of Liaqat Ali Khan’s murderer clan hoodwink realm a heaven national;

Prophesy of Socrates who prefer taking his life by drinking cup full of Hemlock,

Fructified as all definite seedling nidus of clan getting  watered to bud deadlock;

Nidus effort removal of Gen Asif Nawaz Jejuna sitting Army Chief the upright,

Slow poison with Arsenic murder, manoeuvre averting of a diagnosis kept tight;  

Product of Socrates hatred in the name of a good governance ransacked Court,

Apex Court of a country coercing Chief Justice run bare foot for life, not abort;

Gen Jahangir Karamat, Chief of Army Staff warn, avoid confront rage masses,

Premier mutated to a dragon took the ibid general as lizard in a mouth as aces;

Forgot maxim,” A lizard in a mouth can neither be swallowed nor thrown out,”  

Got himself succumbed to exit of power, a remote political authority silhouette;

Hung Gem Pervaiz Musharraf, passenger, in the sky intend a blast of airplane,

Intervened by Army general as other innocent passengers were at death plain;

To experiment atom bomb detonation at Chagi was trembling nearly collapsed,

Super added with Kargil debacle wanted to erase the witness, power prolapsed;

Commando still safe that battle of Kargil spoiled by premier at behest of USA,

Position would’ve been unlike had he not gone to Uncle Sam, a nation’s dismay;

Wish Gen Kyani a good luck lest swallowed by a “Political Dragon” unabated,  

Messiah Batool can run the situation of pre East Pakistan era dignity not rated.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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