Really you are not aware of love within natural instinct stimuli Batool,

Love nexus righteous, honorable and upright outside purview of a fool;

Divine sharing interactions dwell even in unicellular what to talk,  man

Afterward subdivided in assorted bright coloured definite human clan;

Nay does pang of getting unselfishly and always loved by divine adorer.

Why receiver receptors are not caringly developed to elicit an explorer;

Vested with lack of daring to declare falling in reciprocal love with me,

Your adorer when does fail lullaby love to have your kind look and see;

Can decree rapt in a pre or marriage or post preparation hibernation,

Upright, straightforward, neutral and valor expertise missing! Nation;

Fall in political gerrymander coerce on it by trait “Horse shoe Makers,

Substantive livelihood, soul poise and chastity stand fluxed by stalkers;

Preserving a true, divine and nascent love beholden in your  soft heart,

The more you struggle to hide Zaffar’s love reach sky disclosing smart;

Yours constant ignorance made living vegetable with pangs on all four,

A negative reply from you shall be accepted as my fate love you more;

Adore sort an idol in the temple from toenails to scalp hair by worship,

Beyblade in my poetry till I breath lat my festering soul yield hardship;

Have ever been loved earlier amid equal severity, selfless and integrity,

Endorse serene by a lover via perfect fame, chastity and the morality;

Awaiting your signal of reciprocity from Batool amuck, pillar to post,

Own world gone empty in pangful eyes pending every moment a ghost;

Heard love melting stones but my heart in a furnace burning on pangs,

Dry wood used to burn onto an ash, distinctly, pangs are eternal slangs;

Seem to have gone an allergic with Zaffar’s pious, divine and true love,

Has your work connoisseur not yet picked a gerrymandering foxglove;

When shall your superficial coursework get mute during festering tear,

Solemnly affirm loving you from core of heart, soul and mind; be clear.





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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