Inherited are my pangs acquired by songs in the midst of sky choral beckon in deserts,

Flocks of “Saurus Cranes” looming in the skies lullaby, berceuse and beyblade hazards;

Searching Batool from pillar to post as birds love virtuous in sphere of natural instinct,

Man was created to absorb pangs sharing interacting amongst human without distinct;

More the one is insightful to express one’s love, more one had to endure pang and suffer,

Zaffar fears lest fame and chastity of Batool remove, brain tattoo lacking curbed buffer;

Craziness and illusion come in tremor when deprived up of glimpse of goddess on zoom,

No grace, beauty and divine voluptuous sprout many folds lack, adorer gets her  bloom;

Life achieve the valley of fade in expecting who must first knock the door of lady heart,

Often stands bang, at the verge of getting wrecked but fairy butterfly moving bit smart;

Positive hints and riddles reign my dreamland, not yet expertise of their single receiver,

In worldly fiefdom, if intuition delivered three days earlier come true! Authentic lover;

The worst punishment by neither beating nor assaulting but fester pang lie in ignorance,

No operation yet discovered, open cardiac surgery to convince idol of true love essence;

Adorer not a skilled lover, ever in career, remains apprehensive of downgrade of entity,

Thy ought come out of tip-off with riddles by admit of being loved on all fours certainty;

Adorer granted a bonus of age thereto not a single guy shall happen in love by a divinity,

Consideration at heart, soul and mind be beg well in lifespan lest deprived of humanity;

Protection of tongue to slip in love field is remote as compare to play c-n-saw by wealth,

Love is morally upright commodity happens once in blue moon, extent of  an adoration,

If not availed the divine gift of God the whole life persist ruined lack recipient devotion;

To assault an adorer with disrespect via “Ignorance-Whip-Lash” is a grievous damage,

Once bitten twice smitten reign residual life seeking extinction but pray yield a rampage,

Never insult any taking him a poor in wealth, health, status and age as not compatibility,

Receiving selfless love, adore, worship at the cost of his life is a signal of love reliability;

Always yield to true love rather loving someone yourself as earlier is a perfect love valid,

Hundreds years of one’s life pass as ingoing corridor and leaving from other door acrid;

Shall be beyblade in lullaby and berceuse in an ensuing annals as in case of earlier lover,

True love hardly meets its destination! Batool and Zaffar did exist, taken to “Age altar.”



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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