If praising forever and had been criteria, Zaffar wouldn’t have these odd days,

Not an iron only, decidedly, stone gets melt with fire of love free from betrays;

Special one remain mindful of being selflessly loved may not be an awful sign,

One leaning with true adoration shall not rescind until death make him resign;

Situate tainted a great deal volunteer to tell you in facet what is moving entity,

When did I have my entity! Since zoom a Virtuous fairy owing with certainty;

Socrates the greatest martyr of self respect and ethics linchpin my role model,

Preferred euthanasia took brimful of Hemlock then accepting the power idol;

An adorer whose common sense dwell in an intuition vested with mastermind,

Love by senile, unilateral, canopy him in canvas of gloom by rest brain blind;

Simply uproot the aims, ideology, pious and true love on ruse of cleavage age,

Ignorance assault make him Infidel on all fours captivating self-worth in cage;

As while coming out of festering memoirs anaphylactic to sooth, love poultice,

Virtuous struck me by an idea of aptness not excuse me leaving her epiglottis,

Snake bitten it treatable by anti snake venom, “Ignorance bitten” not curable,

Enfluxed in desire of worship fairy Batool as an Ordain of God never durable;

Persist by love render at own risk to sarcast, disgrace and a marshy mud sling,

Happened to view zoom and fell in love with an anchorperson, notable sibling;

I am not vested with a guilt of falling in love at feeble age as my brain is sated,

As if I have spent an evening at the theatre where access by wealth got rated;

Whether the seedling of my love shall ever fructify! Worth needs the thinking,

Know! That no one ever had affected me with love flux set my life in blinking;

Realise if thy has time to whine about my shortcomings but age I shall justify,

Mend myself as per her dictate to love and worship, my word will get fructify;

Challenge, no one else can selflessly adore from core of heart to flux a blossom,

No man, but, Joseph (PBUH) was man of principles and definite a handsome;

In rest of whole world, todate, no man found handsome at the body, but, heart,

Everybody irrespective of a status play with fair sex in the name of love smart.



About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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