Thy, fairy, an amalgam of bravery, virtuous and a descendent of gladiator trait,

Superlative Rajput clan within ethics remain scared lodging a crusade not bait;

World is packed with umpteen models and a not divine sculpture made by God,

Lord made by his own Hands named messiah Batool! Rest all are lustful fraud;

Virgin Mary vis-à-vis Batool Virtuous nexus, earlier mother of Jesus (PBUH),

Later divine crusader, valor, full of virtues not akin to sin pond and lust swim;

Messiah eliminating tyranny, discrimination and evil with exclusive neutrality,

I memorize, for the first, I saw thy in start a divine fairy statue in its originality;

In consonance via telepathy, went cognizant of being loved by an adorer Zaffar,

Recap in cachet, higher forum of dignity, chastity and void him taking a buffer;

Confronted with sordid challenges, moment after moment happened pass sway,

My world went problematic being struck up in lethal quagmire without a way;

Love alliance of two predestined souls in Heaven thereto mutual and reciprocal,

Unilateral love stay victim of ignorance, apathy and shorthand written clerical;

Sharing interaction get cemented as signpost never to partway, only get broken,

Princess fairy rules the heart of heartless and can’t deny reciprocate love token;

Imagination rules the world, the kingdom of outlook and empire of one’s mind,

Stipulation is the theme! Ordain of Nature’s curb assault one-way love behind; 

Nature has its own law whereas imagination generates power, enable emphasis’

Human whose experience we inherit, neither shared nor cognizant to synthesis; 

Never previous in history has modernism promise a yield in such a short time,

Progressive maturity of man is vitally dependant on intention and not in rhyme;

A selfless love ought not be judged from wealth and age point of view but  dine,

Necessity is mother of invention, besides, an intention lest love sway in a ravine;

Half of the sorrow we buy by expecting from wrong persons to reciprocate love,

Remain half in chase Virtuous, on way get martyred in cruel hands of foxglove.





About drzsmbukhari

Self Employed Medical Doctor. A forensic scientist who is deeply adroit, accredited in analysis of medico legal, postmortem & exhumation with 3 decades of hands on experience.

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